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 Post subject: Re: Father's day
PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:29 pm 
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peregrinus wrote: *
Following reading your post and replying, I spent a couple of minutes googling, seems theres been some interesting research since my original post.
Will have to do some more reading, thanks for waking up my grey cells.

A little titbit to leave here: ... Id=4758495
selected quotes wrote:
KNOX: Many things could influence that environment. Dr. Karen Norberg of Washington University came up with the single-mother hypothesis. It's based on 80,000 births over 40 years. She found that boys were less likely to be born to mothers who were not living with a man at the time of conception.

KNOX: If a woman had a child without a live-in male partner, the odds were tipped slightly against having a boy. For children born later to the same mothers when fathers were living in the household, the odds of a boy were higher. Some listeners wondered if abortion could be a factor. Norberg says she found the same pattern prior to Roe vs. Wade. Some think environmental chemicals like pesticides are likely to be a more important factor. Pete Myers of Environmental Health Sciences is a leading exponent of that theory. He says cases in Italy, Russia and Canada suggest certain chemicals that disrupt hormones reduce the proportion of boy babies.

Dr. NORBERG: There's been a very dramatic rise in the number of women who are single at the time of a child's birth and not living with a male partner.

KNOX: From 5 percent in the 1940s to more than 20 percent today. But one thing the numbers can't tell us is how would a woman's living situation affect a baby's gender. Norberg thinks it has to do with feast and famine and family resources acting over thousands of generations. It takes about 10 percent more calories to gestate a male fetus, and it probably takes more food to raise a boy to adulthood.

Dr. NORBERG: Yes, boys cost more than girls, and if the single mother sort of almost by definition only has her own resources to put into rearing the child, it may be more risky for a single mother to be undertaking the rearing of a son than a daughter.

KNOX: Norberg doesn't think it's necessarily good or bad the sex ratio is changing. It just shows that humans adapt to their circumstances in surprising ways. Richard Knox, NPR News, Boston.
One article on npr... just struck me as interesting, first few results on 'environmental influences gender pregnancy'

Theory and data suggest that a male in good condition at the end of the period of parental investment is expected to outreproduce a sister in similar condition, while she is expected to outreproduce him if both are in poor condition.

Accordingly, natural selection should favor parental ability to adjust the sex ratio of offspring produced according to parental ability to invest. Data from mammals support the model: As maternal condition declines, the adult female tends to produce a lower ratio of males to females.
which leads to: ... hypothesis

some interesting reading coming up, thanks again

A Sex Allocation Theory for Vertebrates: Combining Local Resource Competition and Condition‐Dependent Allocation
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I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned. - Richard Feynman

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. - Nikola Tesla

 Post subject: Re: Father's day
PostPosted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 4:20 pm 
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TheDude wrote: *
Spent the day with my dad and his dad. Three generations of our DNA makeup in the same proximity for one day. 8-)
I saw where my dad got a lot of his antics and behaviors...his dad.
So...where did I get mine from.
My dad. (And mom and loads of other places, but mostly parents IMO)

Fuck now my life is fucked...I'm gonna be the same way my Dad is.
Made me think of: what we resist, will persist.

This isn't about predicting the odds of a sex, but maybe it's connected on some level.

It feels like we're doomed to repeat things in our life until we learn the lesson or realize the block is our own making. It's not something outside of myself (parents, etc); that's pointing the blame on something else instead of seeing the problem and taking care of it.

The metaphor of this is Neo realizing he can manipulate the code and bend the rules. :idea:

 Post subject: Re: Father's day
PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 6:24 am 
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Flow83 wrote: *
The amount of stuff we project onto women in particular is almost unbelievable. The more of it you see, and the more of it that drops away, it will be impossible to fathom how much of a 'big deal' the topic was. You'll see things more as they are and stop trying to get things from them that they cannot possibly give you.

As long as you ascribe attributes to them like your sense of value, acceptance, love/approval, accomplishment, being a man, being good enough, being badass enough (ie "look everyone, look how much I don't care about women!") then it will be impossible to reach a level of peace and indifference. You will be a slave to some degree and telling yourself you aren't will just be posturing.
Bump and a reminder of not only the stuff I project onto women, but others too.

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