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 Post subject: Pimposophy
PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 11:26 am 
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Introduction to Pimposophy

Greetings to all aspiring pimps, playaz and hustlaz. I am the omnipotent one known as 'The Kidd!!' and my partner Pimposio and I are starting this 'pimposophy' section to help augment everyone's game (or logic, as I prefer to call it) with some real stuff. Some of it is pretty obvious and straightforward, while other parts are quite cyptic and deeper than Atlantis. What we hope to accomplish with this is an increased awareness of what is really going on behind the scenes to help with dealing with what's apparent. Let's begin, shall we?

Pimposophy is all about the mind. Pimpin' is a skull game. Anyone can control a woman's body, but not everyone can control a woman's mind. Part of the trick to this is using observation techniques that show you without a doubt who is jockin' you tough and who isn't. Everyone knows that sex is more mental than physical. This is evidenced with how some inexperienced men pop off before entry, or how some women can orgasm just from the way the man they dig looks at them sometimes. By controlling the mental, the physical will follow. This includes mind, body, soul, and, most importantly, LOOT.

Let me give a little background about myself. I haven't always been 'pimp tight'. I grew up unattractive, then grew into my looks later. I was raised very sympishly by my mother, who taught me to respect women at all costs. Even back then this didn't settle with me well, but what did I know? I got dissed all the time, and because of fact that I went from dud to stud, I can really see women for how they really are, as opposed to someone who looked good from jump and takes things for granted. I'm a model now, though about 6 years ago (I'm 25), I couldn't have modeled dog food.

As my looks changed, the way both men and women treated changed. At least when I was ugly, nobody worried about me. As I began to 'blossom', even my so called best friends started to hate on me, even though I couldn't see it then. This was when I started to learn to treat people accordingly, as opposed to with respect. Women started to jock the crap outta me, something that I was far from used to. My naiveness allowed a lot of ball control for the women, as most of the time I didn't realize that I was dribbling (we'll get into ball control later).

Up until 2 years ago, at best I was about 50% playa, 50% pimp tight. Being a playa encompasses many roles, so I don't have to mention the symp that was in me, because it is contained in the playa percentage (more on that later). I was in the army and had a girlfriend at the time, and would have probably been married and miserable by now if the one event that changed my life forever hadn't happened. Korea. I got stationed near the DMZ for 2 years. This was where I solidified into roughly 90-95% pimp. Here are the reasons why:

1) The ratio of women to men was 1:8.

2) Men didn't like me 'cause I'm a pretty boy. Hater Central.

3) Women didn't worry because with a ratio like that, they had so many symps up their butts that I wasn't too much of a concern, though they would still subtlely jock the crap out of me.

4) My girlfriend dumped 2 months after I got there, basically because she got lonely (how you start is how you finish. More later)

5) All women were 'fine', mentally that is, because of the ratio.

With these circumstances, and my refusal to go all out just to try to get some drawlz, I became very withdrawn, almost to the point of a nervous breakdown. This was a horrible place to rebound following my ex dumping me, so I rebounded by myself, something that a lot of people don't do. Because of that, I have no problem being by myself and content. And because I put out that vibe of contentment, women are naturally attacted to me. You ever wonder why more women are trying to get on your team when you are with somebody? That is the reason: Their subconcious mind picks up on the content vibe, that you are
not 'looking'. This causes them to react conciously to get your attention, 'cause women have to have attention, no matter how hard they front on this fact. More on that later.

In a nutshell, spending 2 years overseas in that hostile environment reprogrammed me in a way. It's almost like I can see through everyone's forehead now. Who's jockin' and who is not. Friend, or foe. Real, or fake. It's like a 6th sense or something, hard to explain. I'm no longer on active duty anymore, and am currently a full-time student at UNLV in Las Vegas. I hope that the knowledge of what I learned overseas will help you delve into the depths of a broad's brain and bring forth the cash rain. Peace out.

"Pimps of a feather, flock together, while tight game gets better and
-Silky Slim, PTC Alum

It ain't EZ bein' me,
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

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 Post subject: Who is a Pimp?
PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 11:28 am 
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10 March 99

Who is a Pimp?

What exactly determines whether someone is a pimp or not? This is the question I will attempt to delve into today. Some people think of themselves as pimps, but in fact they are nowhere close. Yet while others are pimps and don't even know it. By definition, a pimp is someone, male or female, who receives money from persons (mainly women) that solicit sex. I am not trying to define a pimp in the physical sense, but in the mental sense, as far as having a 'pimp tight' mentality.

Being a pimp is not dependent on gender. For those that didn't know, all women are natural pimps. Why? Because they all know that they have something that approximately 98% of the men in the world can't resist....'nana. Therefore, women usually always put forth demands (whether they are aware or not) that they want met before a guy gets into the drawlz. Very few men, on the other hand, are actually pimps, and can actually reverse the game and make their demands before they give women what they REALLY want....the deeyuck. But that's another chapter.

Being a pimp is not dependent on age. Just because a man gets to be a certain age does not automatically graduate him to pimp status. He could just be a really old symp. A person's experiences and what that individual takes from them is what determines whether a person becomes a pimp or not, and how long that transformation will take. There are a lot of 30-something year old men who still run behind broads, while there are very few 20-somethings (like myself) who knows what's really going on and act accordingly.

Being a pimp is not dependent on race. Just as Rosebud was a bonafide pimp, so was 'Lucky' Luciano. Their methods might have differed a little, but the goals remained the same. Think of it this way:

If I'm coaching a football team, whether I decide to pass the ball, or run the ball, I'm still going for a touchdown. Feel me?

A pimp tight individual is someone who is very observant, extremely patient and acutely aware of what is going on around him at all times. Now, not many of us are actually gonna have women out there hoein' for us, therefore we fall into the 'pimp tight' category. In my book, as long as you are getting the drawlz without coming out the pocket or chasing them hoes down, you are getting over. If you can get some money and favors on top of that, that's even better. Ideally, you want the broad to spend some loot on you before you break her off.

This is called classic conditioning.

Heard of Pavlov's dogs? Well, this Pavlov dude had these dogs trained to salivate when they heard a bell ring, because they had been conditioned to think that they were about to recieve a treat. Same thing with these hoes. You kick back and wait till they do something nice for you, then you stabb 'em up real good. This programs the back of their head (subconcious mind) to think that when they do something good for you, you will, in turn, sex them good. Solid in theory, trying in execution, because most of us men lack the two main keys to being a successful pimp.

PATIENCE. Remember dealing with that one girl who held out and held out and when she finally let you hit the skinz, you swore that was the best you ever had? If you are aware that a girl is jocking you tough, you can use this formula against HER. Now, this can be tricky because you don't want to hold off too long where she loses interest. And if she says she's losing interest, it's only a front, kinda like if you tell a broad that if she doesn't come off the drawlz soon, you will be out, when you know damn well that the moment she puts the stuff in your face, you'll be right there to 'beat it up'. IT'S A BLUFF.

Once you are sexually attracted to someone, it NEVER goes away, no matter what they say. Different circumstances and situations might prevent the sex act from happening, but this doesn't mean that she still wouldn't give it up if conditions were perfect. Remember that. This is where the second main key comes into play.

OBSERVATION. Actually, this comes before patience, as once a situation has been properly observed then analyzed (which we will get into later), this makes being patient a whole lot easier as you will be able so see things developing. I cannot stress enough how important being able to correctly observe a situation really is.

"Chase a whore, you get a chump's weak cop,
Stalk a whore, you get a pimp's strong cop."

-Iceberg Slim, PIMP

What this basically means is that if you leap without looking, the broad will get the best of you. Conversely, if you do your homework before steppin' to the broad (or calling her to you, my personal favorite), you have a much better chance of getting your way.

KNOW YOUR ENEMY. Remember, a broad is out to use what she has to get her way (or, in other words, play you for the fool)by nature. And if she is aware of what she is doing, then it's twice as bad. If you deduce that she is jockin' you tough before you even step, you will be able to put your foot down without fear of her going anywhere, because you KNOW she is in your mouth TOUGH. She might front on you (and there isn't too much you can do about that. I'll get into front blasting later), but that doesn't mean that she will stop jocking you, and if you know what to look for, you won't worry about anything.

By putting these two assets together (patience and observation), with some practice a pimp becomes actuely aware of his environment. Who the haters are, the bustas, the symps. Which hoes are jockin' him tough, trying to draw him out, or who are just plain JAFAHS. Oh, I'm sorry:

JAFAHS: Jockin' Ass Frontin Ass HoeS
- - - - - -
As I was saying, once this is achieved, then, like I do, a pimp can put everything into perspective. Who is eventually going to break down and holla at him. Who is going to front on him, but when he totally cuts her off and doesn't run behind her like she expects, then comes correct, only to pay a pretty penny for her insolance. This comes with time, practice, and experience, not age, sex, or race.

I have a lot more to say, but I will stop for now. I am trying to divide up all of my 'Pimposophys' into nice little sections, but sometimes they will bleed onto each other, so bear with me. To get you all on the path of good obsevation, her is a field exercise I've found very helpful.

Field Exercise #1: For one day, do not speak to anyone that you speak to regularly (family and close friends excluded), and observe who speaks to you first. You will be surprised at how many people you thought were your peeps that will walk right past you. Especially the broads you thought were on your team.

Know the Force,
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

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 Post subject: The Front Factor
PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 11:36 am 
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The Front Factor

Whereas clout is who you actually are (or what you have accomplished), a front is what you portray yourself to be (or the potential you hold). Front + Clout = Status in Society. A good front is necessary to draw hoes out without any extra effort (i.e. sympin') on your part. For the record, clout is much more important than a front, because as the name implies, that's exactly what it is: a front. Every front has a back, and that back is called clout. I will go more into clout in the next article.

God has given each and everybody something that when used correctly, will attract members of the opposite sex. Some peoples 'gifts' are more apparent than others, but everybody has something. For women, God gave them the ultimate drawing card...pussy. Just imagine if men were given pussy and the women had our dicks. Things would be a whole lot different. I wouldn't be writing this right now, because my life would be easy. I would be getting chased down everyday, getting offers to go to the movies, out to dinner, taken shopping, you know, all of that good stuff.

Our cards aren't as blatantly apparent. If you are lucky, and society considers you good looking, then your front is already halfway established, whether you know it or not. Some of us have to dig and search ourselves to find out what our 'card' is. For example, maybe
someone isn't good looking, but is smart as all hell (i.e. Bill Gates). If you can turn those smarts into money, there's your front. Hoes jock stability and what a man can offer more than looks anyway (as evidenced by ugly famous people with bomb ass wives).

The key is, that every man has SOMETHING....nice physique, athletic ability, sense of humor, high intellegence....SOMETHING. All you have to do is figure out what yours is, then accentuate it to make it stand out. Better yet, do something with it to make a lot of LOOT. LOOT attracts HOES. Here are some examples:

Note: These are basic 'Front + Clout = Status in Society' equations. Nothing hard.

Athletic ability in basketball + NBA contract ($$$) = NBA Player
High intelligence + P.H.D. in Medicine ($$$) = Doctor
Sense of humor + nationwide audience ($$$) = Comedian
Good acting ability + starring role in movie ($$$) = Actor
Good looking + contract with top modeling agency ($$$) = Supermodel

Of course, the higher your 'Status', the higher quality hoes will
approach you without provocation.

See the general pattern?

The bottom line here is: If you build it, they will come. Women are naturally attracted to men who have something to show for themselves. How many 'love-at-first-sight' stories have you heard where the broad falls head over heels for a bum on the street? Not many. It's always some 'dashing' dude who is loaded, or displays a whole lot of potential. When a broad is all in your mouth, talking about how nice you look and how funny you are, you best believe she has taken into account certain criteria that implies that you are somebody of worth, or have the potential to be. Sometimes this is a conscious act, sometimes it's not.

A common mistake a lot of men make is to go above and beyond the call to get a woman (i.e sympin'). Calling her all the time, taking her out, all that good stuff. Then she ends up ditching that dude for a better prospect. If that dude would just realize for a minute that if he spent all that money he had spent on her....on HIMSELF, eventually someone would approach HIM.

As a guideline, remember: front attracts, clout keeps. In the meantime, do what you can to better your appearance. Kinda flabby or skinny? Get in the gym. Take your 'chase-a-hoe' money, get some creatine, get your buff on, and let the hoes chase YOU for a change.

The amount of time it takes to build an effective front varies per individual. Some dudes come with a ready-made front, where others have to start from scratch. It all comes down to how bad you want it. Or, how sick you are of running behind women. At any rate, take care of yourself, and everything else will fall into place. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish.

Front and clout vary on effectiveness depending on your environment. For example, my '92 Honda Accord on 16" chromies is all the rage in Tucson, AZ, but it ain't SQUAT here in Las Vegas, NV. I'll get into environmental factors in another article.

In conclusion, as quiet as it's kept, we men have the same capability as women to do things our way...if we are dealing with broads who are jocking the CRAP out of us. The key is utilizing our redeming trait(s) and to build a marketable front out of it.

Field Exercise #2: Take one weekends worth of 'treat-a-trick-good' money, and get a new outfit or a watch that goes "gleam! gleam!". See if you notice a difference. The nicer your gear is, the more confident you will feel. The more confident you feel, the more confident you
look. The more confident you look, the more hoes will holla.

Until next time,
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

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 Post subject: The Clout Factor
PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 11:49 am 
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The Clout Factor

As I mentioned in the last article, front and clout go hand and hand, much like a double edged sword. Without one or the other, your overall status in society is incomplete. Clout can be best descibed as an occupation, profession, position, and/or title, be it earned or
inherited. A prince is born a prince. Do you think that millions of teenage girls would obsess over Prince William of Wales if he was just plain 'ol Billy who lived down the street?

Clout is the backbone that verifies your front. Example: if two dudes are in a club, dressed exactly the same, sportin' iced out rollies, and pushing tight rides, then their fronts are equal. Chances are that women will flock to the both of them. Now, let it be found out that whereas one guy is a doctor, the other works two jobs, has maxed out credit cards, and lives day to day. This would make a big impact on society's impression of that individual. This is why clout is so important, much more important than a front.

Let me reiterate from my last article: front attracts, clout keeps.

If you are all dressed up and a woman approaches you, you best believe sooner or later the question will come up, "So....what do you do for a living?". Quiet as it's kept, the answer to this question is the difference between a bad broad running behind you, trying to do
everything in her power to lock you down, or whether she just kind of nonchalantly finishes the conversation and ya'll are just 'cool', if that. Now, this doesn't mean that she is jocking you any less or is any less sexually attracted to you. Chances are that once you come up on some clout (i.e. HavPlenty, which is required watching), she will be right there to tell you how she has loved you from jump, blah blah blah, you are the man for her, blah blah blah, and all that stuff she thinks you want to hear to sew you up.

It's kinda like picking fruit. Let's say that you have a garden just full with all kinds of fruit trees, plants, whatever. You may like different kinds of fruit, but you know which one is your favorite, so you naturally go to get that particular type first (let's say it's a mango). Well, apparently the mangos aren't ripe yet, so now what? You'll eat some grapes, an apple, an orange, though all the time you are slowly waiting for the mangos to ripen. The moment they are ready to eat, you are right there to eat them. Now, you are probably thinking how the hell does this relate to pimpin'? Allow me to explain.

This is a simple explanation of natural selection. Natural selection is strongly influenced by front and clout. In this example, just being a mango is the front. Whether it is ready to eat or not is the clout. Generally speaking, a woman knows what kind of man she is
looking for. She has known since she was a little girl. When she finds that man, the actions she takes will depend on the clout of that particular guy. This doesn't mean she just sits and waits, 'cause hoes gotta eat too. Substitute the eating of other friuts to dating other
people. This girl, though she will be seeing other people, will 'check in' periodically to see how your clout is 'shaping up'. The moment your clout reaches critical mass, is the moment she finally decides to reveal these 'feelings' she's had for you over the last 9 years. What you decide to do with this 'prodigal' broad is up to you, but I would make that bitch post bail, i.e. 'prove her love to me' before I reciprocate.

The rule of reciprocation states that everyone is treated accordingly. When a broad finally comes clean, don't just accept this and drop the grudge. THIS BROAD HAS BEEN FRONTING ON YOU FOR X NUMBER OF MONTHS/YEARS. You have the ball now......RUN WITH IT! Or more
specifically, run down the shot clock. Just when she thinks she is about to regain possession, drive to the hole and DUNK IT ON HER ASS. Notice how appropriate it is that she is right under the goal, with your nuts in her face as you hang from the rim. That's a beautiful thing.

Front and Clout are both dependent on your environment (which I will discuss in the next article). The funny thing about all this is that a lot of times a broad is not conciously aware of all these little things that determine whether she has a crush on you now or whether she
'discovers' her feelings for you later.

Also, it needs to be mentioned that the woman's overall status in society plays a very important part of what she considers a compatible , complimentary status in a man. Once again, environmental factors play a big role in this whole scheme of things.

In closing, front and clout are co-dependent on each other. With out a good front, you cannot attract. Without tight clout, you cannot keep (as effortlessy as you could WITH tight clout). This is not saying that you can't get what you want if your front and clout ain't tight. This is saying that you can get what you want, and keep what you want, without doing next to nothing at all, if your front and clout are tight. Better yet, within reason, you can treat them however you want and do whatever you want, and them broads won't go anywhere. I'll close with this example.

Do you really think that if Magic Johnson wasn't Magic Johnson, that his wife would still be with him? HIV and all? Think about it.

It ain't EZ bein' me,
The Kidd!!

Field Exercise #3: If you haven't seen it yet, rent 'HavPlenty'. Watch it, anylize it. The main thing to notice here is how Lee had to come up on clout before Haviland (Hav) stopped treating him anykind of way and came clean. If you pick up anything else, E-mail me and we can talk about it.

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

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 Post subject: Environmental Factors
PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 11:55 am 
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Environmental Factors

As I repeatedly stated in the previous articles, the key to how tight your front and clout has to be to get broads on your tip supa tuff depends greatly upon your environment. Now, when I talk about your environment, it has nothing to do with the weather. Environment
refers to the area you live and the different social and financial factors associated within.

First of all, from a general standpoint, pimps do not adapt to their environment. That's what playas do. Pimps are like dinosaurs. If conditions are not favorable, they die (figuratively). In the book, 'Pimp', when Iceberg Slim's environment became unproductive, did he stay there and make it work? Hell no! He picked up his shit and moved on to greener pastures. Pimps rarely if ever compromise. Just like hoes, it is their way or the highway. If the environment you are in isn't conducive to pimpin', more often than not hoes are making
runnin' thangs and can't no man say squat. If at all feasible, seriously consider moving.

I'll get into social factors first. Main thing that influences social factors is demographics, or how many of what is in an area, per capita, and all that type o' stuff. If you are somewhere where men outnumber women, believe you me, the sympin' and ho sittin' will be outrageous. The ideal social environment for a pimp is a hoe heavy environment. Where ever there are more women then men, women feel the crunch and act accordingly (i.e. running behind men). They will also put up with more of a man's shit because, hey, there just isn't much
to choose from, is there?

Financial factors refer to who makes what and what they do with it. If you live in a high profile area (like Hollywood or Las Vegas), where when you go out, you have to share the club with celebrities, boxers, actors and the like, all eyez WILL NOT be on you. All the
hoes in there will be star-struck and you will be AO'd (assed out). To put it bluntly, if you live somewhere that big ballers are plentiful and you are not a big baller, well, then you have to settle for the leftovers. It doesn't help none when these big willies are always taking these hoes shoppin', gettin' their hair done, feedin' um, and all that other symp sheet. It's next to impossible to pimp spoiled hoes (hoes spoiled by symps, that is.). Once a bitch gets put
on by a symp, they don't want anything less than the best, and will automatically assume that whoever hollas at her after that will conform accordingly. The X factor to this is that if she is on your tip, and you play your cards right, you can reverse this. That, however, is another article.

Another factor is space. If you are in a confined environment, like a town where the nearest town in any direction is like 4 hours or more away, then a pimp's effectiveness takes another hit. When you in a confined environment, the broads are slow to move because they know that you are not going anywhere. That's another reason why it sucks to live in Vegas. Good places are like Arizona or Texas, where you can bounce from town to town. Hoes are quicker to holla at you because they don't even know if you live in that town, much less when
you are coming back. That is why it is so easy to run broads when you go on a trip. Plus, you won't be there long enough to mess up any game they have going on at the time, so that's an added plus.

All in all, these are basically the major things that can hamper pimps environmentally. To close, I will break down my environment, Las Vegas, and explain how it works:

Social: More dudes than broads. Sympin' is atrocious. So is the hatin' and saltin'. Hoes are real snotty, 'cause they know that they got shit on lock. They act a fool BIG time.

Financial: Las Vegas is a big baller town. All about the loot. Half of these hoes strip, so they are ballin'. Go to the club, shakin' hands with Marcus Allen, Ronnie DeVoe, and Kid Capri is the DJ. Me? I'm just a lowly college student. How can I compete?

Space: Las Vegas is painfully confined. Both L.A and Phoenix are 4-5 hours away.

Result: It ain't EZ bein' me in Las Vegas. I'm moving upon graduation.

My cousin on the other hand, Mr. Flick (of the PTC) who is in the military and has front and clout similar to mine, is doing much better than I am in the small town of Sierra Vista, AZ. Here are the reasons why:

Social: More hoes than dudes. Plus, these hoes are trying to get out of town 'cause it sucks. Best route? Marry a military man. Fronting is a rare occurrence and when it does happen, rarely does it last past minute rice.

Financial: Everybody who is anybody is in the military. This town is that small (pop. about 30-40,000). When my cousin goes to the club, HE is the star.

Space: Hour away from Mexico, hour away from Tuscon, 2 1/2 hours away from Phoenix....round, round, get around,...HE GETS AROUND...

Result: His phone rings like every 15 minutes. NO JOKE.

Hopefully, this simple compare and contrast sheds a little more light on the subject. What makes everything come together, however, is what I call my 'Marquee Value Theory', which will be explored in my next article. Until then, stay posted and go watch 'The Matrix'. That
is the Pimp Tightest movie out right now and gets my stamp of approval. Very symbolic indeed. Peace out!

Field Exercise #4: What else? Watch 'The Matrix'! MAN-DA-TOR-REE!
Got it?

That red pill swallower,
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

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 Post subject: The Marquee Value Theory
PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 12:04 pm 
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The Marquee Value Theory

Women, should they have their way, would like for us men to believe that they are superior to us and will always run things. To a certain extent, this is true. If you don't believe that this 'man's world' is actually a 'woman's world', you haven't swallowed the red pill yet (refer to 'The Matrix'). Sad but true, this IS their world...they just let us run it to pacify our enormous egos.

It is important to remember that generally speaking, men are attracted to hot, fresh ass (the younger, the better), whereas women are attracted to clout and stability (i.e. 'what can you do for me?'). This simple fact is the basis for all of my previous articles.

Men are basically raised from birth to respect women no matter what, and that we absolutely have to have pussy. Women, on the other hand, are pulled aside by our mothers and instructed on how to get a man. What our mothers and fathers have neglected to tell us, however, is that while women have their way in the beginning, we win in the end. This surmises my 'Marquee Value Theory'. Let's begin, shall we?

Let's take two individuals, one male and one female. Both of them are 19 years old. At 19, a female is the epitome of hot, fresh ass. She has probably been getting into nightclubs since she was 15, and gets the crap jocked out of her regularly. All she really has to worry about is her weight, makeup, and getting raped. Everything else is gravy. She is at the top of her game.

Conversely, a 19 year old male is at the bottom of the totem pole. The average male at 19 doesn't have a whole lot to show for himself. If he's lucky, he might have a car. Chances are he wasn't going to nightclubs...he was skateboarding and playing video games (which I still do). He's wondering why all of the women his age are with older dudes. Also, since the male hormonal rage is at 18, this naturally makes men hella sympish at this age, bending over backwards just for a chance to get some drawlz. 19 is not a good time for most
of us. Hell, most of us still live with Momz.

Fast forward a little. Now both people between 25-35. Depending on the circumstances in their lives, this is generally where the sexes break even, though in most cases females still have the upper hand. Why? Because we are stoopid, and usually can't see what I am about to point out.

The formerly untouchable woman now has a few things to worry about. Namely, the new models that are coming out (a.k.a broads younger than her), and that good 'ol biological clock that just a keeps on tick, tick, tickin' away. Also, if she has had any children by this time and is not married, this drops her marquee value even further. Plus, females hormonal rage kicks in at 30, so she will be a little more aggressive anyway. I assume this is to increase the chance that the broad will reproduce before it's too late.

The guy on the other hand is moving on up. By now, he has probably finished college, or is on some sort of career path. He has a car. He has an apartment or house. He basically has something to show for himself. He has also been around a little bit, and therefore is a little more worldly wise. This is why older women tend to gravitate toward younger men, because they are easier to manipulate. Plus, the 'new models' that are coming out are jocking him tough, because he is older and more established. Also, since his hormonal rage has subsided, he is thinking a lot more clearly, and is generally more worried about taking care of himself and his future plans than running behind some broad. This, of course, can work a broad into a
frenzy. In other words, he is shaping up to be good 'baby daddy' material.

This is generally where guys fu*k up. Even though, slowly but surely, this guy's status in society has gone up, it is usually so gradual that he doesn't even notice it. This basically means that even though he has something going for him, he still thinks that the only way to get a broad is to court her (i.e. run behind that beeyutch). This is when he should just kick back and watch them run to HIM. I just wish more guys would figure this out.

Fast forward again. Now both people are in their 40's. This is where we men start to pull away. You know what they say about a woman that is 40 and up: She has a better chance of getting attacked by a terrorist than getting married. Or how about this one: A woman's
beauty is gone with the first gray hair. Ever wonder why more women undergo plastic surgery than men? To compete with the younger models that men at their age (in this case, 40 or so) can get almost effortlessly. There really isn't a lot to say here.

Men, on the other hand, are having a field day. First of all, men are in control of the economy. Everyone knows that women generally make 72 cents to every dollar we make. This adds up quite nicely. I have three words: Money, Power, Respect. If this guy has
played his cards right, he should be in a very good position by now, with at least some influence. Do you see Bill Gates getting plastic surgery to improve his looks? No. How about Sean Connery smoothing away some wrinkles? No. Why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE MONEY, THAT'S WHY. That's what women jock. When you look good, women will look at you.
When you look good AND have money, women will throw themselves at you.
Actually, you don't even have to look good.

As far as 50+ goes, I only have one word to say: Viagra. The advent of this little blue pill has guaranteed us men that we can have sex until we die. Couple that with the fact that we can reproduce until we die and that's quite the one-two punch. Women? Nope, no
viagra for broads. All we have to do is stay healthy, successful, and have a jar full of little blue pills by the bed and we will be set. For women around this age, except for those that are extremely well off (consult environmental factors), their game is over.

In conclusion, all we men need is a little patience. Sure, you can get what you want now if you want to work for it, but why not work on yourself, bide your time, then watch broads work on getting with you? Simple in concept, trying in execution, as this train of thought
is far from the norm and hard for the average guy to swallow. Then again, not everyone decides to take the red pill, because some people just can't handle the truth.

So to all of my aspiring pimps, keep the faith and get your shit tight. We might be losing some of the battles, but we will WIN THE WAR AGAINST BROADS. My next article will be entitiled 'X-Factors', which basically establishes disclaimers and loopholes for my
pimposohies. No system is perfect, and mine is not without flaws.
This is aimed at the majority. Stay tuned.

Keep your head up,
The Kidd!!

Note: 'X-Factors' will be my last article in Pimposophies. I am considering doing another section called 'Covert Tactics' which actually explains how to read and pull broads. I haven't had much response to these articles, so I don't know if I'm wasting my time. Please E-mail me and let me know if ya'll want to see 'Covert Tactics'. I'm out!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

Pimposophy Revisited is now finally available on Amazon in all territories!

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 Post subject: X-Factors
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There really isn't much to this article. So far, by reading the preceeding articles, you have been exposed to the 'Matrix'. Your eyes have been opened to what is really going on. Now, what I've said so far is sound and all, but who really wants to wait until they are 30 to 40 to start pulling top notch, bomb ass hoes right?

X-Factors are best described as quirks in the Matrix. Depending on how you play these quirks is the difference between prosperity and despair. If you know what to look for, you have a fighting chance to circumvent front, clout, and even marquee value. To better explain this, let me draw an example from 'The Matrix'

Once Neo saw and understood what the Matrix was, he then began training to break the rules of the Matrix. That is what qualifies him as a pimp. Once he got over the shock and the feeling of helplesness that the Matrix evoked in him, he then began experimenting in how to beat it. To get around it. To be in the Matrix but still do things his way.

With my next section, 'Covert Tactics', I will show you how to manipulate your environment in a Pimp Tyte manner. How to jump from building to building. How to run up walls. How to fly. You might not catch on right away (even Neo didn't make his first building jump), but it is through your mistakes that you learn. Remember the 1st time Neo saw Morpheous jump a building?


That is how the average bystander who is unaware will basically react when they see you in motion. Pure and utter shock. Haters will target you and will try to thwart you at all costs. Remember: Pimps do what they want, and haters do what they can. People will try to reprogram you. My Mom tries to influence me to symp every day. It's not that she means to. It's just that she, like most women, subconciously acknowledge that I am a threat to the whole female gender. Lord forbid if I could get every man in America to listen to me just once with an open mind. The whole dating game would change overnight.

But I'm not going to be able to reach everyone. Some people are perfectly happy with the blue pill and eating their steak. In other words, ignorance is bliss. If you are still having trouble handling the truth, you're better off never returning to the Pimp Network. My next series of articles are going to blow the roof off of these hoes.

I've shown you the rules........ I'm going to show you how to break them.

Thus ends my Pimposophies.

Stay Tuned,
The Kidd!!

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

Pimposophy Revisited is now finally available on Amazon in all territories!

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