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PostPosted: Tue May 18, 2010 1:14 pm 
@Vegano - Good question! It wouldn't bother me anymore. I now see myself as a prize so women aren't really as important to me now because they need me, not the other way around. But... That doesn't really happen anymore man. I spent months telling myself I was sexy and was never noticed by anyone. For the past month, I've been getting looks/long stares everywhere I go. Typically, MOST women that I pass in a public place, will notice my presence, either a glance or a stare. The only ones that don't pay attention are usually the ugly ones or really old ones ;-) Speaking of which. I went to my sister's house yesterday to pick up her dog. As I'm pulling into the driveway I see two extremely hot girls walking their dogs in short-shorts and tank-tops. I go inside, get the dog, walk outside, and to my surprise both of them are starring into my eyes and won't look away. They were atleast 40 feet away.

These are the affirmations I've been using for the past 3 weeks:

1) I love women
2) Women love me
3) I don’t care what people think of me
4) Women want to fuck me everywhere I go
5) I deserve to have beautiful women in my life
6) I am fearless
7) I am the prize – I let women come to me
8) I am a really cool guy
9) I am very comfortable with my sexuality
10) I am relaxed and comfortable in every situation
11) Women come into my life easily and freely

I thought the belief, "I am the prize" already internalized but it seems like it did last night. Having dreams about women chasing you is great! ;-) Haha Anyways, all except number 7 and 11 I've been using for the past 2 months. Telling yourself "I am a really cool guy" has had an amazing effect on me. Now people love me. I get invited to parties every week, sometimes by people I hardly even know. And when I get there, people seem intimidated by my presence but as soon as I leave everyone is like aww man you're leaving? High-five, etc. etc. It was great to meet you man! and I never even talked to them once.

When doing the affirmations you should use your senses. What I mean by this is really visualize yourself in that situation. It can be hard but the more real it seems the better it's going to hit the subconscious. So if you tell yourself "Women want to fuck me everywhere I go" I will visualize myself walking into a place and women coming out of nowhere touching me, grabbing me, kissing me, eyeing me up and down, etc. I will try to feel their touch and imagine myself seeing them directly in front of me.

I used natural grounding for about 2 months in the beginning of the process. It did help me out a lot. I stopped because I was spending a lot of time doing MM and NG and decided I didn't need to do so much work everyday. What I noticed is that I am practically back to the state where I was when doing NG and affirmations together, on my affirmations alone. So in the end, they both seem to get to you to the same place.

PostPosted: Tue May 18, 2010 1:20 pm 
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Thank you Ryan for taking the time to post some of your story and views/insights on this subject.

They make interesting reading and give forum members an insight into other methods/techniques.

Welcome to the forum BTW :)

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PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2010 2:31 am 
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I got Cory Skyy's magnetic mindset cd last summer and I applied what it was talking about. It took a little while, but I did end up meeting two amazing girls who didn't want relationships, but just wanted to enjoy the time that we had together for the sake of enjoying it and not ruining it by putting any kind of future expectations on what we had. For the record, no I wasn't with both of these girls at the same time,lol, not that I really have a problem with that sort of thing as long as you are honest about it. I used to listen to the affirmations that he has at the end of the 3rd cd to really internalize the mindset the best I could and it worked really well. I have just recently begun doing that again because I remembered how well it worked.

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PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2010 5:46 pm 
It really does work and the thing about MM and NG is that you can do the two together if you wished, they both go hand-in-hand. With MM you do about an hour of affirmations daily (Written, Mirror, and Visualization). With NG you're basically using visualization to reprogram your subconscious as opposed to written affirmations. However, you can target specific areas/internalize certain beliefs that you want to improve on using affirmations.

The power of the subconscious is incredible and if you don't believe me... Since internalizing this belief as of Monday, Women come to me, not the other way around, women are unexpectedly posting on my Facebook, sending me messages, etc. and I have never spoken a word to these women before. Some of them are the hot girls from high school that I never talked to we were just friends on Facebook. Some of these women are on dating websites. I've never gotten attention on dating websites! Let alone from pretty attractive girls. It's weird how all that changed by believing something new, nothing else changed... I did not change my pictures, I did not come up with some strange and secretive way to get them to start talking to me. All along I was believing that I don't get so much attention because I'm intimidating them, I'm acting like a cocky asshole who is better than them, and they should be afraid to talk to me. But now I feel like they should be coming and talking to me because I am the best love(r) they will ever get. So maybe they have been wanting to talk to me? Thought I was cute or whatever, I've been told that by so many women. Yet they never talked to me. So now all of a sudden they are getting that spark that says go talk to him :-) you won't regret it! So I go out last night, my confidence is shot, nerves are kicking in to the extreme and the hot waitresses in bikinis decide they all want to tease me and look at me! My beliefs and reality are beginning to line up :-)

PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2010 9:04 pm 
awesome man.

after reading your shit I started MM yesterday.. it's very similar to jakes thing too but I like it because it's a set system (though I mess around with it etc.)

I think grounding got me to a certain place but there were still key beliefs holding me back which i can target now with MM. after a few months of MM if those beliefs are doing well I might ground again and see what happens. I think grounding is limited for some people due to certain beliefs they hold too strongly, but grounding HAS helped me immensely.

Now we'll just have to see what happens

So what affirmation did you do that made women start approaching you rather than be too nervous? I want to be approachable... have people talk to me, etc. My girlfriend and her dad are both like that, they have a quality that makes people inclined to start conversations with them.

"I am open and approachable so people feel inclined to talk to me"

I just want to make sure i'm not doing a limiting affirmation for months...

PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 7:42 pm 
Obviously telling yourself women come to you is a good one. You want to be the prize, you don't want to have need for getting women. You want to go into a place like your a rockstar and have women magnetically attracted to you. The reason why they would be is because you're high quality. This means you are confident, present yourself well, bad ass, nonconformist, you live for yourself and do your own thing. Check out scenes from the movie Pale Rider (I believe you can find this in Shay's YouTube channel). Clint's alpha male presence is amazing when he enters a room. I got a taste of that today when I walked into a local Philly Connection. Walked right into the place feeling like a rock star, suddenly everyone turns quiet and all are looking at me, including the cute girls. When you go out with a needy mindset or even a mission "I'm going to approach a girl tonight", you probably won't get the attention you are wanting.

"Women Love Me". Imagine women flocking to you and falling in love with you on sight.
"Women approach me everywhere I go"
"Women come into my life easily and freely"
"People love me"
"I am a really cool guy" -> I've had success with that around guys
"I am easily approachable"
"I let women come to me"
"I am the prize"
You're affirmation is great as well.

These should be good for building charisma. There are also subliminal audios out there. I've used one, it's called Aura of Sexiness. You can find it at I think I owe that to most of my success getting looks and feeling sexy. Even when I'm in a shit mood they still don't stop looking. There are also subliminals out there for building charisma. The nice thing, they are just the same as affirmation except no conscious interference and I use them while I sleep :-)

The problem I have at the moment, I have great charisma, however, most people who talk to me are intimidated. This is because of my confidence and my presence. People I meet everywhere I go seem to want into my life but when we talk conversation usually dies quickly because they are typically really quiet and nervous around me. I always try to get people to talk to me because I'm a natural listener and like to direct conversation around what other people say, but sometimes it's hard when people see you as such a high value guy and can't say anything. I'm not the type of guy who likes to give a lot of details about my personal life nor do I like to brag. My dad even seems intimidated by me at times and that's completely unimaginable from a guy who is very dominate and always had to put me in my place if I did something wrong. My friend has what you are talking about though. He's a natural, he is a magnetic and has great charisma. The difference between him and I is that he seems much more shy/less confident that I am but he is skilled at flirting. I don't know it's weird I saw an old friend from high school a few weeks ago. I always thought he was a really cool guy. He was extremely extroverted, had lots of friends/popular, he was the guy I met on my first day of high school hanging out with 3 girls and invited me over. I was fucking quiet and could barely say a word to any of them. I saw him in the mall after 4 years and he goes What's up man!? And then barely said 1 word to me, he just stood there like I always did when I was nervous around people, giggling a lot, barely saying anything. I may not get lots of people coming up to me and talking their heads off but I am respected and treated well by all.

I'm sure Cory Skyy intimidates a lot of people including the women he fucks. But he's probably also skilled at making people feel more comfortable, which we all would over time. He says that most women will indirectly approach you (find some way to be near you so you will acknowledge them). Like I mentioned in some of my previous stories. Women didn't just come up to me and say Hey! How are you! Blah blah blah. They gave me eye contact, we moved closer to one another, when conversation came into play she was nervous and could barely talk. I'm still working on this though and it seems "Women love me" helps out. Now that my confidence is building back up I'll see how things go :-)

PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 9:04 pm 
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Well, Ryan, the most logical answer to your issue seems another affirmation since you know how to really apply affirmations so that they work.

Women/people want to get to know me when they notice me.

Altough you surely would find better ones. I also think that you will find easy answers when you really get used to your reality. Such a change in a few months stays in contrast to many years of the opposite so you have to get used to your new reality I guess.

PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 9:46 pm 
True, I haven't been really consistent with my affirmations until recently so I haven't really been able to enjoy this new reality. I think that is the problem is that I'm currently working on building, rebuilding, re-tweaking my mindset I haven't become comfortable with it yet and I'm sure that is a reason why. But I told myself I would stay consistent with these affirmations all summer so I'm not going to change them.

PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 11:38 pm 
yeah dude, i understand the mindset and after a few days of the affirmations I've had tastes already - this will work wonders.

but here's another question since you've had such success

I feel like im great at getting emotional/realsistic with the affirmations, but I don't know what to do when I go about my day.

If you have a negative thought as you're going about your day (in whatever situation) do you reinforce the positive version of the affirmations? (i.e. if you have the thought "I'm not cool" do you try to fight it and say "I AM COOL"). This to me seems like a fight which would not be very relaxed, but Cory Skyy kind of suggests doing this. Or just feel it in your body and let it leave? etc. How do you bring your affirmation practice into "walking" life I suppose is the question

PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2010 12:10 am 
Here's the thing djl...

When you do affirmations, when you first start out they are going to be through your conscious head (thinking about them all the time). Negative shit is going to pop-up for about a month or more. Yes it's important to counter the belief and say no I really am a sexy motherfucker. Just keep believing it until it becomes a permanent belief. There is going to be a period when the affirmation begins to internalize in your subconscious. Usually can take up to 2-4 weeks for this to happen, depending on how many affirmations you have. At that point you're going to experience a lot of negativity as the subconscious tries to fight back. What happens is the subconscious, at this point, will ignore your affirmations and begin spitting out all your past beliefs. You'll want to give up, you'll want to change all your affirmations, you'll say this is all bullshit, but the key is to remain strong and fight through it and stay consistent! After about a week of that, you will begin to feel it fade away and the affirmation will internalize. From that point on it's all about making the belief stronger in your subconscious and removing all the negativity.

When it internalizes you won't be thinking about it anymore. You're body will change, you're walk, voice, thinking, etc. will follow that belief. You will be able to focus on the moment more because you won't be thinking about how to act sexy/be sexy/ etc you will already believe it. It's hard to explain but you'll get there soon enough. Once again, stay strong. When you first do the affirmations you have a high with a lot of result, that's because it's fresh in your mind and you're excited about that. It's going to die down soon and you'll go through that negativity, then the high will come back once you're through that bullshit. Typically I know they are internalizing because I'll have a dream countering my affirmation based on past beliefs like no way women don't approach me, I'm a fucking loser! Then after about 5-7 days I'll have a dream where women start approaching me like crazy. That's when I know it's internalized. You only get stronger at that point :-)

Best of luck man!

PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2010 2:00 am 
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The best way is to do meditation because that is when your the most relaxed and your brain is in alpha state and your subconscious will pick it up faster but it all comes down to believing it .

I have been doing it and I have seen results as far as getting more attention from women I have had women who were driving by in cars keep staring at me long stares too I couldn't tell if they were interested but then again if they wasn't they wouldn't have paid me no mind.

Women just paying me more attention than I could remember I don't like to talk much about this because it isn't the kind of success that I want yet but it is getting there just don't have any attachment or expect it which I did a couple of times which is why I haven't had any attention lately but actually I got another stare today before I got home that I wasn't expecting because I had other things I had on my mind and plus I was tired but she also gave me a long stare that made my day.

Anyway check this link out it will explain the rest:

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PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 12:08 pm 
"I have had women who were driving by in cars keep staring at me long stares too I couldn't tell if they were interested but then again if they wasn't they wouldn't have paid me no mind"

You know it's on when you get this! I have this on a daily basis now. I also love when I'm driving down the street and a car is waiting on a side road to pull out. Usually they are looking the opposite direction but every time I get near they turn and look at me. This happens with everyone, not just women, it's almost a 9/10 thing. I'll also just be sitting at a red light and notice people in cars on the road perpendicular also waiting and staring at me. I don't much like when guys in public stare at me and when I look at them they don't look away, they just keep starring, but hey whatever. When you have that energy and presence, people subconscious pick up on you and can't help but stare. Their minds automatically make them do it and they don't even know why. I've also experienced doing this with other guys. I'll see them and just can't help but keep my eyes looking at them. I look away but I always end up looking back. It's because they have something that makes me go, whaa! Who the fuck is this guy?!

PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 6:43 pm 

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Hey Ryan.

I'm really enjoying the success stories. Thanks for sharing.

I just wanted to say something about "Aura of Sexiness" from

As well as using "Aura of Sexiness" I'm also using "Absolute Self Confidence" (which is free).

I've only just started using them but I feel awesome. The negativity in my mind had really shut down a lot. I feel quite calm, peaceful and really happy.

I had it playing all day long today and it's virtually silent so you can be doing others things while listening.

PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 6:56 pm 
@Seek - Yeah man they work great! Can't wait to hear your success with them. One thing I should mention, they work like the affirmations so there will be a period of negativity coming up (just so you know, I thought it wasn't working but it's normal) but it's silenced after a couple of days. I love it though because when it's really working you can feel it in the way you walk, talk, look at women, everything and it puts you in the moment because you're no longer self-conscious :-)

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 3:26 pm 

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Thanks Ryan for letting me know about the period of negativity. That makes a lot of sense that your subconscious mind might resist sometimes before finally submitting to the new programming.

When it happens I won't be so worried about it and I'll know to just keep on going.

I might look into getting the Alpha Male Subliminal. Some guys seem to be getting a lot of success from it.

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 6:20 pm 
@Seek - Check this out, was just released: ... uct_id=208

PostPosted: Wed May 26, 2010 12:22 am 

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@Ryan - yeah that looks awesome to. I'm thinking of maybe going with the alpha set first (then get manifest abundant beautiful women later).

The reason being is that I want to feel a lot happier about myself and be a better leader. I think the alpha set could really help with my career also.

However, I'm getting really tempted by the Manifest Abundant Beautiful Women. Who knows. I'll finish the two programs I'm working on first then I'll probably be in a better position to decide.

By the way I'm on their forum as ManOfElectricity.

PostPosted: Wed May 26, 2010 12:40 am 
Oh yeah, you responded to my forum post earlier today! Did you also see their free subliminal for a confidence booster? It's under free downloads. Supposedly it works pretty good as well. I read a lot of good success stories on that alpha male set, there are journals in the forums.

PostPosted: Wed May 26, 2010 5:47 pm 

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Yeah. I'm using the free confidence booster since Monday. I've being feeling good every day. It's an awesome feeling. I can't wait to try the alpha male set. I've being reading Wildflower's journal, it's very similar to how Marcus was effected by Natural Grounding.

PostPosted: Wed May 26, 2010 6:09 pm 
Seek, who is this Marcus guy I keep hearing about? Is he a seduction teacher as well? Website link?

It's crazy reading his journal, man. I've gone through the same exact changes as him using MM and Aura. I'm not actively seeking to become an alpha male at all but it's making me into one and I go from periods where I go into work and want to mind myself, be by myself, do my own thing and then I transition into a new phase where I actively seek conversation and I start getting more respect, become more approachable, people try to impress me, etc. And I definitely understand where he goes from faking it and being overly aggressive to not giving a shit and being completely laid-back and calm about it. I did an affirmation once about making myself into an alpha male and went through the same exact shit! I guess it's still in my subconscious, I don't know? And the part about drilling eye contact with women, I'm just entering that phase as well. Damn, I feel like I've done MM over 3 times in the past 6 months haha. But this summer I am staying consistent!

I'm psyching myself out about that Woman Magnetic subliminal. I really want to do it but I don't want to loose what I have achieved thus far and get onto another program. I think MM is working the same way this program would be. Maybe after I read a few success stories :-)

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