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PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:33 am 
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Snipes, WELCOME BACK good to see your new posts :mrgreen:

I'll post a thread that seems appropriate to this moment (as I see on other threads). ... 1592#p1592
Kidd : When the woman picks YOU, then the magic happens. 8-)
Grinus : [YOU are the stimulus, THEY are the response]

Here are two situations before I try to depict anything :

The 30 yo roommate that was there one month ago.

I already told here how I was attracted to her almost from jump (and vice versa I'm certain), so the banter was quite heavy with her (I used heavy-banter in the sentence like I would use heavy-petting, maybe not the correct way but appropriate to the situation (or do I want it to become :lol: )).
Anyways one time after eating we were just the two of us we discussed and as my cousin arrived, we exchanged with him a little and he launched an 'offensive phrase' to her (he has this tendancy, without particularly meaning it, but as he doesn't smile or anything after to compensate, people think he's really being harsh).
HER FACE COMPLETELY CHANGED and I could feel she would throw some bones to him too (which only makes him more offensive after ... well, you know), so after she BEGAN her phrase I stopped her decyphering everything that just went through my eyes :
- telling her he doesn't mean it and it's humour ... blah blah to calm her (and all I said was true)
- telling him she clearly didn't take it well ...

After that she asked me if I like behavioral psychology, where I learned it from ... :lol: <-Building the bond (see end of post)

2. I remember helping my neighbour (computer stuff), and a friend of hers came by (I remembered her as a really beautiful girl, I had a crush on her 10 years ago and haven't seen her since then).
The moment I saw her (full of makeup, holier than thou behaviour) I was internally totally repulsed by her.
So when she greeted me, I was probably white as shit, I stuttered, couldn't say three words, while internally having nausea, ... (that's how much my past angel-like version I made of her was destroyed).

After this pitiful conversation, she goes see the other girls (my neighbour and her sister who 'likes' me), and I could hear the girl laughing (they talked in arabic, so didn't understand a word, but did understand/felt it), confirmed at one point when the sister said in french : no, GB's a sweeeeetheart :roll: :? :mrgreen: .

After I finish fixing the computer and say goodbye to everyone.

So, the underlying thing is :

Non-related to animal sex (if there was no diseases, no games, no bad laws, just animally) where I believe I could fuck almost anything, somehow (in relation to connected sex / sexiness / moments / ... ????) when I see some women getting turned on / intrigued by 'me', I (non-consciously, but it triggers something, like a switch) match their views and get attracted too (treating accordingly ?). So for the examples :

1. Was my type from jump, and the situation(s) surely hit some spots in her, even though it was a given for me already (my attraction of her and hers for me, she has a particular 'feel' to her), she may act in the future, or find other guys (she did have a meeting with a guy met online, but the guy cancelled sos she says), doesn't matter to me, just curious and (really :P ) eager to see it unravel.

2. My interpretation to this day, is that as my composure completely changed the second I saw her, so she only saw a stuttering, 'afraid' of her guy, and probably thought I was attracted to her (hence my behaviour), then proceeded to act like a bitch (mocking a guy when he can hear it, really ?).

They are two extreme examples that I hope illustrate some points.

So in my view there are two ways to interpret the whole attraction thing :
1. Women are the stimuli :
I see women I'm attracted to, and

a. 'Try' to impress them and they 'go soft' (they see incongruencies, ... blah blah) and either exploit me if they can/want to or just leave. (Ball stealing would be worthless I presume)

b. Just be myself and they either like or don't like and match my attraction. (which would be like a ball stealing, giving a little in hope of taking more)

2. Men are the stimuli :
I'm the x-factor / unicorn and some women are attracted (and many many ARE NOT !!! at least to me :lol:) and I'm but just a mirror adjusting to their level of attraction (treating accordingly which is 'default state').
Fishing is a real good analogy and your presence in the world is the bait, they are the fish, it is their job to be tempted by the bait into biting.. You do not force a fish to eat the bait when fishing do you?
Again :
Kidd : When the woman picks YOU, then the magic happens. 8-)
Grinus : [YOU are the stimulus, THEY are the response]
And :
The simple answer is this; women want you to be yourself. They don’t want you trying to be what they want, they don’t know what they want anyway. Who does? Right?

There’s only one way to do it. Be who you are and let the chips fall where they may. If you are who you are, you have the very best chance in the world of finding someone who actually likes that and then, you don’t have to pretend, you don’t have to put any heirs, you don’t have to learn to certain behaviors. There’s no technique to being yourself. You just are.

To work on for me :
Grinus : She does this to try and build a bond with you, so that you will pick her (She has already picked you).
Kidd : A woman will always put herself into a position for you to "take the lead" if she is interested.

Well that's all for me, for now.

By searching first and posting questions only if you find no answers, everyone will be much happier
No matter HOW smart you think you ARE, there will ALWAYS be somebody who is smarter than you. So never underestimate people.


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