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Interesting article from Osho: ... ss_sex.pdf

If you repress sex, you will become angry; the whole
energy that was becoming sex will become anger.
And it is better to be sexual than to be angry. In sex
at least there is something of love; in anger there is only
pure violence and nothing else. If sex is repressed, the
person becomes violent either to others he will be
violent, or to himself. These are the two possibilities:
either he will become a sadist and will torture others, or
he will become a masochist and will torture himself. But
torture he will.

Do you know, down the ages, the soldiers have not
been allowed to have sexual relationships? Why?
Because if soldiers are allowed to have sexual
relationships, they don't gather enough anger in them,
enough violence in them. Their sex becomes a release,
they become soft, and a soft person cannot fight. Starve
the soldier of sex and he is bound to fight better. In fact,
his violence will be a substitute for his sexuality....

I pulled back my sexual longings, and now I discover
that I'm angry a lot. (Kabir) A great observer he is, a very
minute observer. This is what awareness is. He is
watching: he represses his sexual desire and watches
“Now what is happening inside?” Soon he finds that he
becomes more angry for no reason at all, just angry,
irritated, ready to fight with anybody, any
excuse will do.

And remember, sex can be transformed because it is a
natural energy; anger is not so natural, one step removed
from nature. Now it will be difficult to change anger.
First anger will have to be changed into sex, only then
can anything be done that's what my work here is. And
that's what I am being condemned for all over the world.
I am trying to change your anger into sex, first that
has to be done. That is the way of inner change. First all
your perversions have to disappear, and you have to
become a natural human being. You have to become a
natural animal, to be exact. And then only can you
become divine. The animal can be transformed into the
divine, but your animal is also very perverted, your
animal is not sane your animal has become insane. First
the insanity has to be transformed, changed. Change

I gave up rage, and now I notice that I am greedy
all day.

So he repressed his anger that's what one will
logically do. You repress sex, anger bubbles up; you
repress anger. But he is a close observer, a very minute
observer. He says: The moment I repressed my anger, I
became greedy.

This too is proved: if you watch human history, you
will find a thousand and one proofs for it. For example,
in India Mahavira taught non-violence, and the result has
been that all the followers of Mahavira became the most
greedy people in the world. They are the Jews of India.
The Jainas are the Jews of India. Why did they become so

Mahavira taught them to be non-violent. Obviously,
they started repressing anger; that is the only way that
seems possible to the stupid mind: Repress anger! Don't be
violent. And they tried really hard; in every
possible way they tried not to be violent. They even
stopped agriculture because it is a kind of violence: you
will have to pull the plants and cut the crop, and that is
violence because plants have life. So Jainas stopped
agriculture completely.

Now, they cannot go to the army, they cannot be
Kshatriyas they cannot become warriors because of
their ideology of non-violence, and they cannot even be
agriculturalists, gardeners; that is impossible. They
would not like to become sudras, the untouchables
who clean the roads, the sweepers and the cobblers,
because that is too humiliating. And Brahmins won't
allow them to function as Brahmins. The brahmins are
very jealous about that. They have been in power for
centuries and they don't allow anybody: nobody can
become a Brahmin; one has to be a Brahmin only by
birth. You may become a great, learned man, that
doesn't matter, but you can't be a Brahmin. There is no
way of becoming a Brahmin; you have to be born one
only. You have to be very careful when you choose your
parents; that is the only opportunity to become a

So Jainas could not be Brahmins, would not like to
become sudras, were not able to become warriors, then
what was left for them? Only business, they became
business people. And all their repressed anger became
their greed. They became great money-maniacs. Their
number is very small; in India their number is so small,
not more than thirty lakhs. In a country of sixty crores
thirty lakhs is nothing. But they possess more money
than anybody else. You will not find a Jaina beggar
anywhere; they are all rich people.

Mahavira wanted them to be non-violent, and what
really happened was totally different: they became
greedy. Repress your anger and you will be greedy....
I worked hard at dissolving the greed, and now I am
proud of myself.

So he repressed his greed and the ultimate result is:
he has become a great egoist; he finds himself being
very proud. “Look! I have repressed sex, repressed
anger, repressed greed. I have done this, I have done
that. I have done impossible things!” Now a great I
arises, the ego becomes strengthened.

That's why you will find the most crystallised egos in
the monks and the nuns. You will not find such
crystallised egos anywhere else. The more a person
renounces, the more he represses, the more egoistic he
becomes. Indians are very egoistic and the reason? They
have all tried in some way or other to be religious.
And the only way seems to be repression and repression
brings ego.

A non-repressed person becomes a non-egoist; he
cannot carry the ego. There is no prop to support it. He
becomes humble, he becomes simple, he becomes
ordinary, he has no claim, he knows he is nothing. This
whole process that Kabir is describing is beautiful.
Repression is not the way: transformation is the way.
Don't repress anything. If sexuality is there, don't
repress it, otherwise you will create a new complexity
which will be more difficult to tackle. And if you repress
anger, greed is even more difficult then, and if you
repress greed, arises ego, pride, which is the most
difficult thing to drop.

Move back: from pride to greed, from greed to anger,
from anger to sex. And if you can come to the natural,
spontaneous sexuality, things will be very simple.
Things will be so simple that you cannot imagine. Then
your energy is natural, and natural energy creates no
hindrance in transformation. Hence I say: from sex to
superconsciousness. Not from anger, not from greed, not
from ego, but from sex to superconsciousness.

The transformation can happen only if first you
accept your natural being. Whatever is natural is good.
Yes, more is possible, but the more will be possible only
if you accept your nature with totality, if you welcome
it, if you have no guilt about it. To be guilty, to feel
guilty, is to be irreligious. In the past you have been told
just the opposite: Feel guilty and you are religious. I say
to you: Feel guilty and you will never be religious. Drop
all guilt!

You are whatever God has made you. You are
whatever existence has made you. Sex is not your
creation: it is God's gift. Something tremendously
valuable is hidden in it it is just a shell of your samadhi.
If the seed is broken, the shell is broken, the flower will
bloom but not by repression. You will have to learn
inner gardening, you will have to become a gardener,
you will have to learn how to use dirty fertilisers,
manure, and transform manure into roses.

Religion is the most delicate art.

- Osho: The Fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty, #13

"The society gives you a map; I give you only freedom. The society gives you character, I give you only consciousness. The society teaches you to live a conformist life ... I give you an invitation to go on an adventure." - Osho

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