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PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:48 pm 
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As the title indicates, I link to threads which clarify / expand the Covert Tactics.

I'll start with some things :
Kidd wrote:
Application of the Theory of Perpetual YOURSELF!

Women really aren't that complicated. Either you are what they perceive as their best option...or you're not. It really is that simple.
Great article - READ! Women don't love you for you ! They just love the value you provide ('and' what they FEEL, FEEL, FEEL).

HAF: The Masculine Man and The Feminine Woman
The title says it all.
From a female dating coach:
"Most times men would do better to just sit there and look pretty on dates. Don't say shit. Cause soon as you tell me how you think and I realize you are serving up fuckery, I'm out. Whereas if you had shut your pie hole, nodded when appropriate, and smiled a lot, you mighta got some pussy. Stupid muthafucka!"

Funnily enough, have said similar things myself about women at times in my life.

Ironic, not surprising though :lol:
Love: An emotional response to a logical subconscious assessment of a target that shows most if not all of the qualities that are desirable in a mate from the observer's perspective.
Kidd wrote:
Do women want a relationship more than sex?

Every woman is different with a different agenda...but the commonality is this: As long as you are giving them what they NEED, you can DO whatever you WANT.
Kidd wrote:
woman who don't react according to your read could like you?

My theory is that everyone, men included, has a conscious/subconscious checklist (very debatable) that must have 50% or more of it "checked off" before attraction moves from subconscious to conscious. Men's lists are usually much shorter and physically dependent, whereas a woman's list may include more provider type things (i.e. career, education, car, status, etc.). HavPlenty (hope you can find it!) has a great example of this list in action.

A layman's example: You might be friends with a chick in high school, who swears up and down she only likes you as a friend. Meanwhile, she is dating half the football team or what not. Fast forward to the day you graduate from college and have a promising career ahead of you...and she KNOWS it. Then, all of a sudden, she professes that she just realized that you are what she has been looking for the whole time. Coincidence? NO. However, since it is subconscious, I wouldn't deal with it too harshly because she probably honestly didn't know until you realized your potential.

As far as respect for marriages go, I've been seduced by enough married women to be officially jaded by the institution of marriage. To all the guys that think that marriage is the Final Frontier, and think just because she is wearing your ring and has your child that you have nothing to worry about, the statistics speak for themselves. Bottom line: If she doesn't respect her marriage, then why should I?

How do you know you've got the right mindset ?

The Barometer If old women or young girls are liking you, chances are that behind their 'bitch shields', many women do.
Kidd wrote:
Journal De Aztectasticism

Like I've always said, I love little girls and old women. Why? Because little girls are too young to know the game exists yet and old women don't need to play it anymore.

This is a good first step...but know that these two age groups will ALWAYS give OBVIOUS signs that they like what they see. Don't get used to that. The women in your target age range will be MUCH more subtle and you must learn to fine tune yourself to THAT. However, attention from the afore mentioned age groups is a great way to build your observation foundation and know that yes, you are attractive. Good luck and have patience! :)
Cats and women :
Cat string theory
A Great Video about Jealousy
Kidd wrote:
Wonderful story and an example I can relate to. This is why I am a cat person...because a cat deals with you because it WANTS to, not because you have TRAINED it to....instinctive. I'd almost recommend up and coming 'ladies' men' to have a cat as a pet...if you know what to look for, they can be a constant and great barometer for measuring how well one is progressing with his new mindset. Cats are so much like women it is uncanny. 8-)

Now that we saw the forest, let's check the (interested) trees.

Subconscious / Conscious evidence :

Before the big posts :
Stop trying to be and just your gut, not your mind. :ugeek:
You shouldn't overthink it.

Some related threads (almost every post should be read ...) :

question about something you wrote on 'Stacking Evidence'

woman who don't react according to your read could like you?

Getting "approached" by women How women jock you.

thinking that women have higher status than you? \ By Brent Grinus's and Kidd's posts

Subconscious Attraction.

Subconscious and Conscious evidence Part Two

Some random threads on how to deal with women :

Is there even such a thing as a nice girl?
So much, mostly Star Kidd Grinus combo, probabilities to find one ...

I'm beggining to lose hope in finding a lifetime partner
Kidd'z posts, especially the last one and this one (grinus (and Star's) statistics of keepers and lottery are in the first thread linked)

How to spot a keeper!
Almost every post is interesting, goes on 'different' subjects. (tests, guys who try to block you)

Why we seek to complete ourselves in our partner.
Grinus's explanation, scarface's post and Kidd's last post.

Kidd, you said that anyone can get laid
Prodigy's post, learning the 'rules' instead of sympathy.
Grinus wrote:
does your keeper try to manipulate you?
The important thing is not if she tries to manipulate him.

She will try to manipulate him at some point, merely to test his boundaries, see if they are strong and to assess the reaction. She needs to do this in order to feel safe and to get an assessment of who he is as a man.

It is how he responds when it happens, and how she responds to that which is important in my view.

As Kidd says, there are a lot of parallels to raising a child. Also to training an animal. They will test their bounds and your boundaries. They will test your character and if you see through their shit. Also how you react when they do step over the line.

If you do and you handle it in the right way (not by method, just by being the authentic you) then they will know the answer.
They will also learn what they can and cannot get away with.

Letting them manipulate you in some ways is acceptable, however some lines should not be crossed and they should be reminded of this, in a way that is congruent to your character.
Once they are and they can feel your boundaries out and which ones are moveable and which ones are not and you stick to these over time, they will feel safe in who you are = safe.
Celibacy is Intimate Self Love
Grinus's posts (both his experience of 'celibacy' and how his views changed) amongst others.

choking a woman.
rewarding, punishing. Kidd Grinus combo

finding a keeper, do women know\feel the same way?
Grinus Kidd combo (tests she does, tests YOU do)

Being senstive or macho? hmm...
Almost every post is interesting, goes on 'different' subjects. (treating people accordingly, tests ...)

still a bit stuck when it comes to bars \ night clubs
environment doesn't matter (Kidd's post), Grinus's post (be true to yourself) and Star's post

Thus ends a somewhat seemingly organized work.

I'll finish with random quotes :
Star_Above wrote:
The Tao of Steve

Ya; Eliminate desire, be high value, be scarce...sums it up.
The Kidd!! wrote:
The Tao of Steve

The key is not too deny yourself the desire...just don't act on it incessantly. Every now and then a window will present itself for me to give my main squeeze some affection...and that's when I indulge. Other than that, you have to have the self discipline to maintain a steady routine...indulge in affection too much and too often and the moment you stop, you aren't the man she fell in love with anymore.

Use it sparingly, and it is the spice of life...use it carelessly, and it is the kiss of death.
The Kidd!! wrote:
So at 20 basically I'm doomed

The trick is to deal with older broads while you're younger and younger broads once your older.
The Kidd!! wrote:
does your keeper try to manipulate you?

Expect the worst but hope for the best...that's all you can do.
The Kidd!! wrote:
Hilarious Simple Pickup videos

Confidence and indifference is quite the one-two combination...KNOCK OUT!

The Kidd!! wrote:
Disappearing girls

For the record, I understand female logic just's easy to comprehend something which does not exist.

By searching first and posting questions only if you find no answers, everyone will be much happier
No matter HOW smart you think you ARE, there will ALWAYS be somebody who is smarter than you. So never underestimate people.


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