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 Post subject: Failed relationship
PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2020 12:01 pm 
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Oh well it's Sunday and I have time on Sundays to write about my adventures. I will start with the worst one so some of you maybe can learn and don't do mistakes that I did.

Few years ago I left the forums and went to do my things, I made a peace with my long time girlfriend and we both agreed that we are going to be together for good and that's what we want. Things were gravy so we got engaged but life had other plans. I started to build house and she got a job far away from my town so we were really on long distance.

Our relationship went downhill, it was doomed from the day I met her because I drifted from my contract just to be with her, I thought she was worth it. I did things that I felt I want to do not whats needed to be done. Fights became almost normal, she was always mad. Mad about the house , mad about things from the past, mad about lack of attention and more. I was in committed relationship so I didn't cheat, I was focused on us and our future life. I rarely almost never made contact with other females and didn't go out when my buddies called to hang out with chicks because of her.

She wanted me to do things that I couldn't because of distance and we were fighting every other day. Her room mate was a female that was going through divorce. I turned very sympish and started to do more, trying to please her. The more I did the more she was distant. Sex was good but we had it very rarely. She did something disrespectful I called her out and she was straight for some time but still mad about everything. We were hangin out and I didn't feel that connection anymore, she was cold I was doing more she complained that I don't invest enough, shit was confusing. She told me she was unhappy and I was too.

More romance she said, I tried it. Last time I saw her I gave her a card, wrote down " I love you ", romantic shit. She started to cry and hugged me, didn't say that she loves me. I took a walk home and my gut was telling me shit was bad for some reason. Few weeks later she posted picture with other guy on her workplace touching him, I called her out and told her that stuff is not going to work, that she is going to lose me and destroy everything we planned. She wants me to respect the relationship and don't do things like that but she can?? Fuck that. She didn't try to save anything, told me " You do whatever you want" and this one " I should have this attitude a long time ago" aaand "You would do the same things to me" . I found out that they were texting , sending heart emoticons and all that stuff and she posted another picture with him and one other girl, this time it was night out and they were in a bar.

Told her that I can't tolerate her actions and that after all these years I'm out! It was a last drop after all stuff that happened through the years. I can't say she was cheating for sure but it was purely disrespect that I couldn't bear with. She said fine and that was that. I couldn't stand what I have become, I lived life on her terms and thought that in marriage things will be better. It's been almost two months, I kept her on my social media. After break up she started to post pathetic girly quotes and similar stuff. Then back and forth comments with her coworker, lovey dovey stuff. Yesterday I saw a picture, it seems like she went on a date with some new guy.

I won't lie and say that I'm 100% indifferent about it, honestly it hurts but I don't react. I am mad on myself, pissed because I knew how stuff works but still decided to do what I want, mad because I allowed myself to be treated like that but I can't bring time back and change anything so have to let it go, I learned it the hard way.

I live my life, work, doing home workouts, chasing paper and hanging out with friends and girls, enjoying my time but I wanted to share story about my relationship. If you can learn something then great.

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