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 Post subject: Re: GF had an abortion
PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:55 pm 
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Anyway, a few weeks ago she rang me to say she had tested positive. I asked her what she wanted to do and her answer couldn't have been clearer; she wanted to terminate. Her main reasoning was that she felt she was in no financial state and didn't want to raise a child in a 'miserable' environment, which is a little insulting :lol: She may as well have said 'YOU' are in no financial state, despite me being in a comfortable and stable job with a company that wants me to progress even further up the chain. –Leo

This requires further delving. 1st you need to get out of your feelings and think logically. Her curtness in her response is what most likely offended you. However, the rationale in her response sounds spot on. You’re “comfortable in your position.” However, to afford children, you need to be more than comfortable. Comfortable is enough to carry a bachelor through. Established is sufficient to start a family. Right now, you’re on the come-up. You haven’t already made it. She—if you look beyond looks and require tangibles from your woman—is likely in the same position. You (plural form), financially, aren’t in a position to start a family. You aren’t even in a mental place to start a family. –TheKing_65

We've never really discussed the future per se, but she sure as anything implied that she wants L/T. She's a good girl, shows a lot of love and commitment toward me. I have imagined the possibility of raising a child or two with her and always felt as though it was be a positive thing. –Leo

These are all statements to display that right now you’re (plural form) still figuring out what direction this relationship will head. The relationship, itself, is showing positive signs that could lead to marriage—if you believe in marriage—and even starting a family. However, these signs aren’t confirmed yet. Bringing a child into the world needs to be a confirmed decision, not an accident. So, view the whole picture as she saw the whole picture. Don’t just focus on the termination of an unborn child. Years later, if you’re still together, the environment you’ll (plural form) have established will be far more welcoming to children than the environment you have today. –TheKing_65

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