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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:53 pm 
Hey guys,

I didn't actually plan to write this up for a while, but I ended up getting results where I wasn't expecting any.

This is entirely about health and wellness. I'm lagging behind everyone to a large degree because of smoking. I did boxing for a while and had to quit for sucky reasons. Four months ago, I made a plegde/vow to myself to make small improvements to what I do. Part of this was to help make my gut/nervous system/mind healthy. Cigarettes damage all of this.

I'm about taking action as well as making improvements in inner work.

In another thread, I mentioned that I was going to try a regimen designed to improve my mind, gut, and body to make myself more present and improve my intuition. I have suspected/known deficiencies in certain areas, nothing at alarming levels though.

2k IUDs (not sure if the right acronym) of vitamin D per day for three weeks (high)
2k mg of Omega 3 (high)
80 drops of trace minerals (high)
60 billion CFU's of multistrain probiotics (low)

Unfortunately, I was unable to alter my diet to paleo like I would have liked to lose weight because it's too expensive and failed on the consistent exercise. By the way, eating truly paleo costs like $400+ per month for a single person even if you're only cooking one pot meals. I ended the probiotics after 1.5 months because I didn't experience any bacterial die off. Maybe I should have continued because I've read that therapeutic probiotic dosages start in the 100 billion CFU range, not sure though.

either way, vitamin D, Omega 3's, trace minerals, and possibly the probiotics all contributed to me being more present in my body and having less irritations overall. Some of it is due to inner work, but I'm definitely sure that squaring up deficiencies and lowering inflammation in my body has helped significantly.

Most people have deficiencies in Vitamin D, Omega 3, and trace minerals. My doctors had suggested some of these items too.

I bothered to skim abstracts of medical journals and found that with high dosages you'll see improvements. However, I'm not a doctor and decided to cycle off for 3 weeks. I did a system of 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off. Over four months, I have roughly 2 months and change of supplements in my system. I cycled off for 3 weeks because I didn't know what could happen from not cycling off.


I'm more present in my body
Some days I have more energy
Cycle on periods I wake up earlier
Less physical and mental irritations
More relaxed in cycle on periods
Cycle on periods lead to more focus

Obviously, this isn't a big deal for healthier people who exercise consistently. This is a big deal for me though. Some drastic changes have been left out just because I'm too embarrassed to state them.

My whole point is that you should check with your doctor to find out if you're deficient. Also, the threshold for deficiency in something is really high so if you have a good relationship with your doctor then ask what you're low on.

Blood work ups on vitamins and minerals usually only cover the macro cases so micro and trace minerals may be or will be left out. The work up is cheap, but it's worth it.

At any rate, my regimen was designed for mental, emotional, and sleep improvement. Your regimen may and probably should differ.

New additions to regimen:

Sleeping away from blue light
light exercise after I completely cycle off the supplements (which will probably deplete my levels).

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:13 pm 
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Happy for you Man,
i just suggest you to walk as much as you can, doing 6km everyday helped me a lot and of course if you are close to the sea and can have a 1-2 hours of pause to enjoy the sun (free production of vitamin D) and/or maybe swim (some fellas here use to swim in the winter cause the cold water help them).
Omega 3 awesome!

For the Paleo, actually I am a bit skeptical about really how much proteins the body needs...some italian doctor, i write it here, even sayied that eating proteins has some direct/indirect cause to get fat.

Ah if you use tablet or pc/mac at night/ evening please install f.lux(linux/windows mac I think too) or twilight (android), these are softwares that cuts off the blue light from the screen because the blue light seems to affect the sleeping.


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