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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:52 am 

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So I'm pulling back into my parking garage on another beautiful morning around 830am. I've been up all night at work as is fairly normal for me and am returning home with some groceries. My mood is a bit irritable as I had been going through some growth/inner work and my grandpa had just passed away. I wanted to just get up to my apt, eat, and get some sleep. The universe had other plans for me, today was the day I was to learn how to let go of my emotions and beat women in the games they play while tightening up my pimp game. I believe I had just semi recently found this site at this point but I had spent the previous year following Brent's methods and giving up a lot of my "caring" about what women do. Still I hadn't yet fully learned about not getting caught up in their emotional games, but as I said, today was to be my day.

As I'm pulling in my parking garage, immediately there is a work truck that is pulling out. It's very big, has stuff stacked in the back and the driver is going slow as hell as he's unsure he's going to make the clearance. I can't get by him and I feel the frustration in me boiling up but it's just a very brief moment as I realize he needs to get out and logically being frustrated about it would be silly, I let it go which I've gotten fairly good at by now in life. He slowly comes out and I just relax until he's out 90 seconds later or so and proceed to pull into my garage. I'm pulling up the ramp onto the 2nd level ready to make the left and skrrrrrrrt....a car is coming at me trying to get out.

Allow me to explain the setup quickly. 1 ramp to each level, traffic flows counter clockwise and yu do a full lap around to get back to the ramp if you want to exit. So the ramp is like a T section coming up into a full oval parking level where you go left always coming in and when you want back out you will always be coming from the other side...

Not for this very special lady in question though apparently. She's special, she's different, it must be faster for her to go the wrong way from where her spot is so that's what she's attempting to do. So here we sit, I'm halfway on the ramp and she's stopped to the left of me going the wrong way, wanting to get onto the ramp. She signals me to make the right(wrong way) and let her through. I signal her to pull forward, let me through going the right way, then she could back up and take the ramp, no harm no foul. What does she decide to do. Just sit there and have a standoff with me. Ms Indifferent as I will call her just sits, looks at me for a second, then gets on her phone toggling through stuff like she doesn't have a care in the world. This only further infuriates me and my frustration I was feeling before boils into full on rage. I'm sitting in my car remaining calm outwardly but feeling like I want to jump out of the car and just unleash on this bitch. The tension in my body is immense and I'm actually shaking just a little bit at this point.

A little background about me is important here. I've been meditating and made giant strides in learning to let go of emotion in the moment. Women however due to my upbringing have been the final frontier I had yet to conquer. I grew up with a single mom who would give me everything I wanted to a fault, it made me needy and dependent on her which stroked her ego nicely. However if I crossed her, she became totally cold and indifferent towards me and basically made me beg for her forgiveness back. As an adult this left me in a state of emotional vulnerability that I never was able to handle when I didn't get my way with women, so I would always just concede to them and give them their way in the moment until I was out of that state, and back in my logical and correct thinking mind.

So on with the was a new day however. As I sat there just observing myself, feeling as if something inside me wanted to jump out of my skin and just unleash all my rage on this bitch, the answer came to me in the form of the most simple logical observation....she's on her way to work and you're on your way up to your apartment, she can't win the game. HOLY FUCK, I figured these bitches out. They be puttin on a front like they don't give a fuck but they're not capable of that, as much as I'm boiling up in anger and frustration, she must be at like 10x that knowing she's gotta get to work. I roll down my window and yell out, I got all day to sit here if you want. IDK if her window is even down or if she can hear me but she doesn't react, she just keeps sitting there on her phone tho I can see her look up/over at me out of the corner of her eye a few times. This whole thing lasts for another 90 seconds or so. I have cold groceries with me so finally I just decide to show this bitch what's what the hard way. I move my car so I'm totally blocking the ramp, no chance she can squeeze down it, throw that bitch in park, get out with my groceries, lock the door....oh wait now I have her attention. She sees me out of the car, I'm in a hoodie, a pair of shorts, and some flip flops and I just pause at her closed window, look at her and say.....ain't no thing to me sweetie, I'll be back down in a bit. That's all it took, she breaks form and just starts screaming some shit I can't make out at me through the closed window, she's losing her mind at me. I go upstairs to my apt, put my groceries away, then head back down. On my way into the elevator there was another woman coming out so I knew I was going to be backing up traffic for other people too and couldn't stay too long.

When I get back down there there's 4 cars lined up to the right(going the right direction of course) and then there's her by herself on the left. Another lady is out of her car on the phone to the building to tell them there's a vacant car parked on the ramp, it's the lady that was coming out the elevator as I was getting in. She asks me what's happening and I calmly tell her this lady won't let me through so I had to go put my cold groceries away. She goes over to this power hungry bitch and with this tone of disgust says to her...what are you doing, can you let this guy through so we can all get out. Now the sweet social mask gets put back on, oh sure, sorry, I didn't know blah blah blah and she throws her shit in reverse and backs it up and out of the way so I can get through. As I drive by her we both have our windows down and calmly say, try taking responsibility for your mistakes in life sweetie....shedonthearmetho....she's too busy screaming at're a fucking child, you fucking child. LOL, project much?

Later that night heading out to my car who do I run into, the woman that was coming out of the elevator and got her to move. I don't even recognize her and she stops me to talk about it. She's talking about how crazy that lady was and I give her the more full detailed version of what happened. She's looking at me with this level of awe and respect I hadn't really gotten from women before. She's really trying hard to keep me in the conversation and I'm getting this vibe like she wants to just keep talking to me. She's asking me what I'm up to and whatnot, I can tell at this point she's feeling me and is hoping I'll choose her as her vibe is already indicating she wants me. She's cute enough but lives in my building and I ain't really feeling it so I just tell her have a nice night and I keep it moving.

A great lesson was learned in battle today men:
I stepped onto the final frontier, emotional battles with women, and I straight up slaughtered that bitch. I know there will be more battles, more tests to come....but now I have a gameplan, now I know how to win. Don't play their game, flip the game on them and make them lose by not engaging with the enemy. When they project all their emotional discomfort onto you and you just sit there and handle it like a boss, totally unaffected, the emotion eventually eats them alive as the tension must be released....DO NOT RELEASE IT FOR THEM. Give them the space to project their emotional baggage onto you even though it may be painful and uncomfortable to sit in, and just remain calm and stoic and show those bitches who they really are inside so they can see themselves for what they're truly being. Show them what it looks like to take responsibility for negative emotions without losing your mind and in doing so you force them to take responsibility for their own emotions. Many will lose their minds and go full blown crazy, some will handle it and be grateful they found a real man to show them who they are. The ones that are grateful with thank you(this is how you get women throwing compliments, gifts, sex, etc at you).

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:27 pm 
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Lol you put away your groceries that's great :lol:

"The heart is deep beyond all things, and it is the man. Even so, who can know him."

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:13 pm 

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:12 am 
Rich story. Putting away the groceries was the coup de grace. 8-)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:04 pm 
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The Petty is strong with this one...I approve 8-)

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:45 pm 
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This like a scene from a good movie :lol:

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:26 am 
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Just boss all around :lol:

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