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PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:03 pm 

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When I was a teenager I was semi-obsessed with hip hop dancing/breakdancing. I tried it a little here and there and felt like I wasn't that good and gave up on it and pursued another hobby which turned into a business, which turned into me being able to become an entrepreneur/self employed(I'm kinda a mix of both since I don't have any passive income and have to physically be there as of now to make my money). That's cool and all but about 15 months ago I got into dancing at the ripe age of 34 as a hobby. In the last year I've really started getting into it and have been focused solely on my career/dancing/inner work. It's cool when you figure out how fucking awesome you are and you just want to spend time doing shit that makes you feel great and stop giving a fuck what anyone else thinks of it. Dancing has really been the key that unlocked that door for me. When I first started I already knew I was good and had something that most people didn't in the sense I had an insane attraction to doing it and I had this energy inside me that wanted to express itself simply because it feels incredible when I'm doing it and lost in the moment. When I first started I would dance by myself and if I was anywhere that I could be seen by someone else(my roommate mostly), I would instantly get self conscious and pop into my head to think about what move I should do next and how it looked, etc... This totally fucked up the flow I was in and made my dancing get worse the second any amount of attention was on me even though he wasn't just sitting there watching me or anything.

Soon things started to change, I got really comfortable dancing around my roommate and he got really uncomfortable being around me when I was dancing. The energy I was giving off wasn't to be contained and because dancing is pretty sexual in nature, he would just not really even look at me when I'm doing it and I would hear him clear his throat a lot to release tension. I started dancing more and more on the roof of my building near the gym, out in front of my building, and randomly other places in public slowly but surely. I would see myself watching to see how people were reacting to me, caring what they thought subtly, wanting attention and approval, disliking any hate I was getting...I would notice this stuff come up as I was dancing and it would mess up my flow. It got more and more subtle and messed up my flow less and less the more I danced. I was becoming conditioned to not give a fuck what anyone thought about me and what I was doing.

I'm at a point now where I can dance in front of a fair amount of people and I just don't even care what people say or think about it, I do it for how it feels to me and to inspire people to let go of their limiting self beliefs/image. What I have noticed is the following.

Around 50%+ of people can't even look at me when I'm doing it. They basically just pretend I don't exist.
Prob 25-30% will watch/look and keep looking back with interest but keep things moving along
Another 10-15% will give me props in some way.
1-3% will straight hate on me to my face with disgusting looks or make some negative comment or just make a comment in a really vicious or condescending tone to me

At this point I'm pretty dialed into what I'm doing so I just ignore what's happening around me sometimes when I'm dancing or I just kinda notice them and their response but it doesn't really take me out of my body and into my head/out of flow. If it does it's only for a brief moment and then I'm right back in flow.

Something really funny I noticed about couples that see me dancing is very few guys will give me props when they're with their chick(huge mistake on their part). The one's that do, the girl will sometimes also but she basically always watches me for a few, you can see it brightened her day and then she just moves on with him and feels great about being with a guy that's secure in himself I'm sure.

The more funny response I get is guys protecting their girls from me. They will be walking by me and the guy will put his hand around his girls waist and pull her close. Or they will be standing near me and he will see that she's sneaking looks at what I'm doing and I've seen multiple guys stand in between us or walk around to the other side and maneuver where they're standing so they have their backs to me. I also see the guys getting really affectionate with their girls out of absolutely nowhere.

Today I got 2 hilarious responses including the most creative form of hate I've ever gotten which is pretty flattering that I can make these 2 guys so insecure that they have to go to such insane lengths to try to diss me.

1) Dancing in front of a hotel and this couple is waiting at valet for their car. She's sneaking looks and he sees it. He puts his arm around her, then moves to the front and has both arms on her shoulders playing with her hair then pulling her in closer then kissing her, meanwhile she has this look of being smothered and starts pushing him off her...he backs off some and then their car pulls up and they leave.

2) 2 security guards from the hotel come over and just stand right next to me and start saying something. I turn my music down a bit and remove an earbud. One of them asks me if everything is OK. I say, yea it's great, why wouldn't it be. He says, we thought you might be having a seizure. And I just start laughing and say, don't people normally fall on the ground when they have a seizure. He tells me not always then asks what I'm waiting for. I tell him my business there and he says, OK you're fine then and they both just walk off.

People are funny...

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:32 pm 

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:55 am 

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This is a thread I will just keep going and adding to as I continue to evolve and experience new things.

I'm in the process of doing semen retention/sexual transmutation and the energy that is coming through me is incredible. Many women are looking at me like I'm from another planet. More and more people that see me dance are smiling or visibly enjoying the energy and giving me props. Very little hate from people. I was listening to music and dancing as the stoplight as I waited to cross the street. This older guy was just staring me down with a dirty look, I could tell he was upset and wanted me to stop...I just looked him in the eyes and smiled like, you think that has any power to stop what I'm feeling and kept doing my thing.

One day at the gym I danced for almost 5 hours straight only taking breaks here and there between songs. My dancing abilities went up about 2-3 levels that day. It was like there was a threshold point where I felt tired and my body wanted to quit but something in me pushed on and it felt effortless to continue despite the pain I was feeling in my body. Everything from that point on that was coming out of me was more intense, more creative, higher energy. My baseline abilities even when I'm not in a total flow state have been raised since then and getting into a flow state is easier now.

A couple days later at the gym, there's an outdoor patio area I like to dance in when the studio is occupied. It's mostly just been me out there by myself but today I see a girl who's a trainer at this gym already out there. I've seen her looking at me with wanting eyes, we've never said anything to each other but she is often trying to get my attention. I do out and start dancing and she is a mix of feeling it/uneasy/self conscious/enjoying it when she thinks I don't notice her looking. Eventually she has to go inside to get something and asks me to watch her stuff for her in a situation where it's quite obv that no one is going to take it, I oblige but nothing else is said between us. She's slowly trying to insert herself into my world. Eventually 2 more girls come out and sit further away. The first girl isn't paying that much attention from what I can tell and seems quite at ease. She sat there playing around on her phone for probably 45 minutes. The other girl sits even further away and I can see her watching me and nervous/fidgety with the energy I'm giving off even though she's probably 35-40 feet away. Her energy is totally engrossed in mine and what I'm doing, she just sits there in it even though I can tell she's not totally comfortable with it.

I got a good feeling that day for what the energy I am now giving off to women is like when they become conscious of it. I've seen this response from some women just sitting near them or walking down the street. I'm now giving off a very sexual vibe and a comfort with the energy as it flows through me. I can tell it's intimidating for some women and I can often see an internal battle going on where they appear to be drawn to me but something inside them is also resisting. I understand this is simply a reflection of my own beliefs from the past showing up to reflect my energy back to me. I am growing more and more comfortable each day with myself, my sexuality, my energy. For years I put layers of guilt and shame over the energy in me that was trying to come out, the more I let go of all of this the more I see reality around me reflecting back people who are drawn to my energy and are progressively becoming more and more comfortable around it. I just continue to do my thing and let women do theirs and accept that women will continue showing up on their own time and dropping their guard/social mask in their own time as well around me, and in what time frame they do it is none of my business or my concern, my energy is focused on letting go of my own resistance to anything that could possible get in their way of doing so. I understand sometimes it will happen very fast, in a split second and with other girls it will take them a bit of time to get more comfortable around this kind of energy, others still will avoid me like the plague bc of my energy. I'm good with whatever happens as I realize now that anything that happens is exactly what is supposed to be happening in reality at that moment.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:05 am 

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An interesting thing I've experienced from the people that give me props when they see me dancing is the type of energy with which they do so. There's 2 distinct types of energy from people that I get. That of people who basically defer to me out of insecurity/intimidation. It's like they got caught by me seeing them watching me so they have to acknowledge it and they do so in an insecure kind of way. The other energy is like a very genuine recognition of talent and connection to my sexual/creative energy at a very deep level. These people basically see me and it's like they feel a sense of joy within their own energy field for seeing someone that is connected with their own energy field in the same way, it's an acknowledgement of mutual respect. It feels completely genuine, comfortable, at ease and void of any kind of negativity, jealousy, or anything of that sort. It actually has a feeling as if it's adding something to my being on an energetic level.

The thing I have noticed as well is that the former group is made up of all different races. The vast majority of the latter group is made up of black men, I'm white fwiw. It does seem to me that despite living in a predominately white privileged society, there are a higher % of black men that fit the alpha male description of men that are just comfortable in their own skin and with their own energy. My sample size is probably too small to draw any kind of definite conclusion on that and I don't have a specific point with all this per se, I just found it to be interesting.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:01 pm 
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luciddream wrote:
The other energy is like a very genuine recognition of talent and connection to my sexual/creative energy at a very deep level. These people basically see me and it's like they feel a sense of joy within their own energy field for seeing someone that is connected with their own energy field in the same way, it's an acknowledgement of mutual respect. It feels completely genuine, comfortable, at ease and void of any kind of negativity, jealousy, or anything of that sort. It actually has a feeling as if it's adding something to my being on an energetic level.
This, oh, so this..

In building a statue, a sculptor doesn't keep adding clay to his subject.He keeps chiseling away at the inessentials until the truth of its creation is revealed without obstructions. Perfection is not when there is no more to add,but no more to take away.

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