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PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:44 pm 
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Dali wrote:

I can bet you where this close to use all caps. :twisted:
You're right !
DMD wrote:
just weak, no backbone and pathetic! I am never going back to that even if I could, fuck that ! Now I MAKE THE RULES! I DECIDE WHAT I DO, WHEN TO DO IT, HOW TO DO IT. MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY, NOW ! I RUN SHIT, NOW !

But the pic is incorrect, though! If it were to make a picture of it on how it would look/sound it would be better represented like this: :ugeek:

Speaking of bets, how much did u bet on Mexico beating Cameroon today ? How much did u bet that Mexico would advance to the next stage of WC 2014 ? The game against Croatia is crucial...

But u can't miss the Brasil - Mexico match, bro'.

Tue, Jun 17, 10:00 PM • Estádio Castelão, Fortaleza ... B478%3B456 ... B478%3B456 ... B478%3B456 ... B640%3B454 ... B640%3B419

If that doesn't motivates u, u are a stronger person than me. :lol:

PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:40 pm 
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Altair, when are u booked for the lovely Dominican Republic, bro' ? I heard is the shit !! Not only that the place is actually gorgeous and really cheap for the "american wallet" :) , but from what I heard is full of sexy women and they go insane when they see a foreigner, especially an american one. It's like the "It" place, now! When do you leave, again ?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:47 pm 
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Hey Slim, at the end this fella was lying or sayin the truth about that one of the chicks was his girlfriend? Because for how he acted he seemed like a typical guy who offer drinks, car drives, ect and the bitch just makes him smell that pussy.

If I was you I wouldnt deny that I talk to the chick, I would find out from the chick and if was not true, make him feel ashamed for lying...or if it was true I would say to him to check the chick cause she acts like a single, and to her saying to act properly with him cause if not you would use him as a wingman to hunt some new chick for him and for you. (->I said that ones to a chick in the gym who acted like that, in front of her boyfriend, she said this line "he only likes red hair girls" I replied saying "well, people easily change their tastes, blondes, brunette," his boyfriend was laughing and later I saw her in my mirror when I was doing deadlifts, checking my ass couple of times)

The more baggage you remove around yourself the more clearly you can perceive others - Altair

PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 8:38 pm 
I don't even know what you're saying to be honest.

The point of this thread is cloak better. People you think may be your friends are probably not when it comes to women.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:28 am 
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Slim Titan wrote:
It's a small town, so people know each other.

I go to speak to a group of women sitting at a table after walking back inside the bar, which I had a cigarette outside of previously.

Three guys from a Master's program are dancing a few feet away from the table.

I know them (well have talked to most of them on occasion). This Indian guy, self-proclaimed, I didn't know he was Indian, comes up and takes a seat between me and the girls when I talk to them. It was nearly immediately.

I had seen one of the African guys put a beer bottle in the ashtray outside of the bar before he walked in.

They were definitely drinking before they came to the bar and were drinking while in the bar.

I on the other hand was drinking water because I had a few drinks at another bar in town.

Back to the story, he sits down in a chair that is not meant for the table. It's a chair that sits much higher than the table. :roll:

The girls had all looked at each other when I asked them why they weren't dancing. Apparently, his girl decided to be the ring leader.

He told me to have a seat. I told him that I would rather stand. After that, he stands up and gets in my face. He says, "Are you trying to talk to my girl?"

I've seen all of them on campus and thought they would be friendly. I was wrong. I answer, "no." Before I can respond and say what I was doing, he says, "you're talking to my girl!!!!!" Then, he says, "Do you want to dance!!!! This is an Indian song!!! Go dance!!!!" I say, "I don't want to dance. Are you really going to act neurotic?.....(edit: I remembered the 2nd line of what I said, but I don't think I said anything else)."

"What, you don't like Indian songs You don't like Indian people...(I forgot the rest of the disrespectful things he said in between the next sentence)."

He immediately says, "You need to leave!!!! Go!!!!!! You need to leave!!!!"

His yelling and escalation gave me a deep-seeded feeling in my bones to protect myself. I think for 2 seconds about how to do that. The multi-purpose tool that I found on couch had a 3 inch knife, with a blade that was adequate. However, it would take to long for me to examine it and use it.

My mind tells me that I'm too close to punch him with a jab (I didn't remember my boxing and think about the hook). I settle for choking him. I get him by the neck and start walking him over to a wall to pass him out and one of the African guys starts pushing me out of the bar to protect his friend after his friend breaks free. :x

Outside, the African guy is trying to calm me down. I'm done because the whole bar knows what happened. Apparently, while the African guy was pushing me out of the bar, the Indian guy had grabbed a beer bottle and was trying to hit me with it while behind the African guy's protection.

The African guy had said while pushing me out, "he can't fight you."

The bouncer kicked out the Indian guy, and everyone that I knew was trying to calm me down.

What I learned:

1. I have to become functionally stronger to prevent people that are trying to de-escalate situations from getting me hurt or killed.

2. I should talk to relatively unknown men first before I speak to the women that are associating with them because it will soothe their ego.

3. Weapons bring danger.

4. There are no protection mechanisms besides your own. I.E. Where were the police and bouncers when this guy aggressed me and made me feel unsafe?

5. Never turn your back on someone that you don't trust (learned this in the moment).

6. You can't always give space when you want to.

7. What is right is relative.

8. Martial arts knowledge only reflects its usefulness with years of practice.

9. Observation will save your skin.

10. Seeing through distractions are essential to observation, but you can't see through "real" people. Bonus points if you know who I'm talking about right now.

11. Take the long way home if you quarrel to diffuse the situation and tire the opponent if they want to re-initiate the fight (learned that in the moment).

I think that covers all the major points. :ugeek:

Edit: I forgot to mention the most important one:

12. A trick/symp will leave you dead in the street over something insignificant. I.E. a woman.

2nd Edit: post updated.
The only thing that I can say that you did wrong was not be in the moment enough as to the situation of what’s transpiring. When dude sat down in between you and the girls, you should’ve acknowledged it and acknowledged him to see what his connection was with those girls. When you acknowledge the neanderthal types when they make desperate shows of machismo, it calms them down. Furthermore, it allows you to explain yourself and what you’re doing. (You can think of this as a subtle, show of social dominance. It slows the events down.) It even gives you intel on the people around. When one transgresses against this, it creates a hostile situation—as you found out. However, in your notes, you acknowledged that you should’ve done that. So, you learned from your mistake.

You are the company that you keep.

Smart people learn from their mistakes. Smarter people learn from others' mistakes. Stupid people don't learn from anyone's mistakes including their own.

You get what you deserve.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:28 am 
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I invest time every week into getting stronger, and martial arts as well. You're right that a lot of the highly technical stuff takes years but you gain a good edge just knowing your way around different body positions etc.

I'll cloak and let the little things slide, but if someone is delibrately trying to bully me I won't escalate it but I'm certainly not gonna back down. Raw strength is the most important factor unless you're a black belt basically. If you're doing chins with 100lbs strapped on it's not gonna be fun for them if you get ahold of them.

Basically my mindset is I don't need conflict and I'll seek the path of least resistance if I can. If someone wants to back me into a corner though I'm perfectly content rolling the dice.

A truly powerful Man jealously guards his most precious resources; his independence and his ability to maneuver. True power isn’t controlling others, but the degree to which you control the course of your own life and your own choices. -Rational Male

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:57 am 
definitely some appropriate responses and a lot of robustness there. This situation could have been avoided though. :oops:

One the whole, there is a rule you can use to get by without doing those things. The path of least resistance is right!

If a woman is approaching you in some capacity then just go with that. Don't "play the game" in bars or nightclubs. Anytime people's inhibitions are removed is a recipe for disaster with "approaches".

Edit: Also get strong as fuck like Altair said :lol:. Learn martial arts. Learn how to disarm a gun. Most instances with guns, knives, and other weapons happen up close and personal. It's the nature of fights.

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