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PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2020 10:01 pm 
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When I was 20-21 yrs old I met this girl through my social cricle, same age as me. We had cool connection, flirting and that kind of stuff. At that time I didn't really know about mentality and stuff that we discuss here, I was young and didn't think to much so I made my move. She told me that she doesn't look at me like that and I got friendzoned, I said cool and moved on. She was studying and I was unemployed. Through the years she sometimes appeared in my circle, we had a chat and that's it.

Fast forward 9 years to the present :lol: Few months ago I saw her and she started to talk about relationships and how hard is to find someone, she was almost desperate. She's single, unemployed and her beauty is not like it used to be, mostly because of her negative attitude towards everything and long time ago I realized I was lucky for not having anything with her. Me on the other side, having a stable income now, my own place and I look ten times better than I was younger thanks to my genetics and some healthy choices.

I'm single again and news is spreading fast. Few weeks ago she starts texting with me and I reciprocate, answering short and sweet but vibe is positive, what she doesn't know is that I am completely uninterested in anything she has to offer, treating her like a friend. This was our convo near the end:

Her: So, are you going out on Friday?
Me: Yes
Her: Where?
Me: *place, we are (my friends and I) going for a few drinks.
Her: Umm.. ok, wanted to ask you something but nevermind.
Me: Go ahead.
Her. Well, can me and my girl friend join you?
Me: Yeah, No problem with me (She then contacted our mutual friend for details)

So they came at the bar and they weren't too excited to see two more girls with us :D I didn't talk to them too much, mostly with my buddies and sometimes to other girls but vibe between these 4 females was tense :lol: It was a fun night for me, had few drinks and good times joking with my male friends. I feel like she wants to get involved more in my life and waiting for me to be reactive again (after all these years) but that won't happen. I am not interested in anything with her except maybe loot but she can't offer anything on that part too.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 1:48 am 
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