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what is an X-Factor
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Author:  Sniper [ Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:05 pm ]
Post subject:  what is an X-Factor

we use the term 'X-factor' a lot. So here is the definition of an X-Factor (courtesy of The Kidd):

'All an X-Factor your average chick who, because your front and clout are damn near exactly what she is looking for subconciously and consciously (in addition to intangibles like your moral/value set), almost instantly submits and lets you lead with little to no resistance.

In other words, the more you maximize yourself, the greater number of women will 'transform' into an X-Factor...for YOU. It's like the anti-Agent Smith in the sense of his ability to become any person who sees you...kind of like that'.

after reading the articles by 'The Kidd' on Kidd'z Korner you will understand what 'front and clout' are...
it's also important to read the posts on the treasure chest with special emphasis on 'the value theory' (part I and II)

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