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PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:11 pm 

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new members may notice that we use the word 'symp' a lot. Some of you came from the PUA community and probably know what an AFC is (if you don't just google it :) ).

While an AFC (according to the community) is a guy who is bad at approaching women, talking to women and etc...a symp is worse than an AFC, I'll explain...

First the definition (courtesy of The Kidd):

'Symp: Derived from the word, 'SYMPathy' and/or 'SYMPathetic', a symp is a man who does whatever he feels he must do (which is usually whatever the woman tells him to do) to gain sexual favors from a woman. These actions can vary from being overly chivalrous to doling out money. Usually when a woman has sex with this type of man, she will say that she 'felt obligated' or 'SYMPathetic' towards the symp in question.

Note: Nothing overtly wrong with chivalry, per se...the key difference here is that a non-symp does it just cause he wants to, whereas a symp overdoes it in hopes it will help him gain favor with the woman in question.'

So why is a Symp worse than an AFC?
Answer: because there are many guys who study PUA stuff, approach many girls and if they do it for long enough they might get laid and at some point may even get a girlfriend or a wife.
But they don't have the woman on Their terms so even if they have managed to get one- may it be short term or long term....the woman has the control over them and over the relationship.

I have heard of PUAs or other so called 'ladies men' who got married but their wife is the one who is wearing the pants and they do whatever she wants. That's not a healthy or happy marriage for the guy and no one can guarantee it will last...

If their wife will comes accrose a real alpha male one day she might ditch the PUA (and take half of everything while at it...)

"a sniper is the worst romancer, he never makes the first move"

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