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 Post subject: Business Help
PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 8:09 am 
I'm in a position where I may have received a significant reference for a person who is working on a project where they are my direct competitor. Right now, I'm saddled with student loans. I have the option of saddling up with them and taking a paycheck and hopefully equity in the business if it IPOs or goes through a M&A. My other option is to decline the offer after finding out about their business and vetting it while continuing with my own endeavors. A third option is to find out where they are at and do nothing for a while. Still further, I can network and see if they know of any other relevant startups.

Fyi, I only have a reference from the guy's personal friend. It still looks like the startup is in beta phase.

I will disclose the startup and other space competitors in private message if you're interested.

If I were to join their startup I would want significant equity without dilution (I.E. reserved stock units) and a stipend to pay off my student loans and buy a new car.

The competing startup is a direct competitor to mine. Fwiw, it's been a crazy day. I went to my coworking space and was temporarily and scantily scouted as a programmer by a startup working on an app way different than mine. Afterwards, I was blown off by the same guy. It seemed weird like a closed door. Then I picked up some lunch at a Mexican burrito restaurant. I left the coworking space to cook for my mom and brother as the day called for it. An Uber driver asked me to walk two blocks to him on what was possibly the wrong street to pick me up. I felt insulted that he wouldn't use his GPS to get to me properly.

FYI, I've rode with this driver before. He has complained about UBER's GPS when it typically runs low fare in fair traffic conditions like he was driving. I took the bus. Then I had a wonderful conversation with a black girl that led nowhere...for right now.

After I got home, I talked with my little brother for 20 minutes while my mom and him were riding home. He went from disliking riding to get groceries to being gung-ho. After the details were worked out, we had the best jam session listening to the Mackadelics on the way to the grocery store. I even picked up another business contact who may be able to help me rid my backyard of weeds. Afterwards, I met one of my first cousins, which is extremely unusual. The conversation was brief. I kept it short being mindful of my brother's need to do his homework.

A lady gave up her place in line for groceries too, which was cool. We had less than her. One of the coolest things was how I had green lights most of the way too and from the grocery store. My brother and I argued while making dinner significantly less than usual. I took the lead and made him tertiary support because of his school work. After dinner, my brother even gave me $10 to go to the bar where I met my contact after my mom told me it would be a hard month because she had to renew the tags. I was surprised that he gave me $10 because it's not his normal behavior.

Dinner is finished. I go to bar. My bartender seems to be into me. Some things stood out: she flirted with me, she checked in on me no less than 10 minutes difference when I was at my table, she spoke with me on a personal level, and she called me over to her workstation to pay my bill with a come-hither motion followed by words. We exchanged numbers seamlessly. I thought she had a boyfriend but the music was so loud I misheard her saying something about her 3 year old boy. Go figure. We'll see how it turns out.

As for my contact, I have a facebook connection with his friend.

Btw, I bummed a ton of cigarettes without any denial or interruption. I'm still working on quitting. :oops:

I even had 2% battery and was still able to snag an UBER back home. It's been an exceptional day. Fwiw, I had a wonderful conversation with my uncle. We're usually split 50/50 on worldviews. I'm certain he's pink pill. However, we mostly agreed today. I admitted a lot of limitations I wasn't willing to face previously.

I'm a firm believer of the it's too good to be true philosophy. However, I'm not sure how I should feel about tonight or about the contact. It's a godsend. Really!

I want to dive head first into this. I do know that at worst I've found another competitor that legitimates my business venture.

I'm truly seeking advice. I have choice between pursuing the end of my student loan debt and extras or continuing on my own.

The Kidd!! First

@The Kidd!! I quit that old job I had and officially severed ties a few days ago when they wouldn't agree to pay me decently for hours they want me to work. I also set them up with another exit option at my own time expense.

Edit: I wasn't even charged surge pricing for UBER when I accepted it at 2% battery. This could be a case of the right place and the right time.

 Post subject: Re: Business Help
PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 7:17 pm 
Haven't heard from you. I'm going to develop my own strategy and reach out to this guy.

I haven't heard from him even though the information was exchanged. I'm definitely not giving up any of my information though.

 Post subject: Re: Business Help
PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:40 pm 
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Business savvy members, feel free to chime in. :ugeek:

EVERYTHING in life is conditional...EVERYTHING. :ugeek:

 Post subject: Re: Business Help
PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:35 pm 
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Since this situation has been resolved--due to the passage of time—this is only advice for the future. If something offers you a chance to jump aboard something profitable that’s in line with what you’re already doing, explore it—like you attempted to. The worst that can happen is you won’t come to terms and will part ways. An ideal situation is that they’ll take you onboard and make you a partner--thus allowing you to realize your goal, with added help.
Now, this advice is for your posting. Limit your post to 1 situation at a time. I know the purpose of this post—aside from you feeling that the day was too good to be true—was to receive advice about the business endeavor, so limit your post to that subject. Make another post that mentions your business endeavor but elaborates on your good day. When you’re asking for help, people need the relevant critical information so they won’t become bombarded with rambling. This also helps a person better understand your situation so that their advice can be more appropriate.

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