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 Post subject: Dating again
PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2021 1:57 pm 
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After my long relationship I made contacts with other females but couldn't go to see anyone in person because I felt some kind of mental block, probably from the fact that I still care about my ex.

Anyway, there is this girl who reached to me first on IG and we texted two times without much effort from me. She usually responds on my pictures and stories. Last Friday she invited me to come at coffee shop where she works to have a coffee/tea, I was busy but told her I will stop by sometime. So today I had some things to do in the city and decided to go for a coffee at her workplace, I wanted to elevate myself from that mental block and show up, test my knowledge about the game and just for the experience aaand because I wanted a coffee.

And man these women are messed up :lol: I'm at the coffee shop and she approaches me:

Me: Hello, what's up
She: You greeting me like we know each other..
Me: (In my head: Is this shit serious :shock: but I took it with smile) We do, but ok I will have a coffee.
She: Well if you told me your name maybe I would know
Me: (She's def fucking with me :lol: I told her the name )
She: No, I don't know sorry
Me: :lol: Ok, my coffee please?

Now I wanted to pay attention on my emotions and what's happening inside, I became nervous and when I'm nervous my hand starts to shake mildly so I recognized that but didn't react on anything and just tried to relax and I found everything amusing.

So she brings me my coffee and said " Oh I know you now.." :lol: and she pulls out chair and said that she wants to sit next to me. There was a guy sitting alone at the other table and her breakfast was on that table. So she sits next to me and starts to talk, her body language was kind of nervous, then she got up and came back with tea for herself; eventually I became much relaxed while she talked about everything, I listened, nodded my head and said few words when it was needed. I felt pretty good, reminded myself that she is in the presence of the real man.

She told me where she lives, how much money she earn on that job, she told me about her past relationship where she was engaged and how her ex was a maniac, sending threatening messages to her, she told me that she have 2 brothers, older and younger. She asked me about my coworker and told me how they were friends and that he started to be sympish and emotional towards her and she had to block him. I didn't ask for any of that information. She asked me few questions about myself and I can say that I enjoyed conversation, she did most of it.

So after about 20 minutes the crowd starts to coming in and I said that I gotta go, she asked why so I told her that I got stuff to do and got up, paid for our drinks, she didn't want me to but I insisted, I just felt like it and it was a few coins. I said goodbye and went to finish my stuff and meet with my boy to have some food and drink before the gym. While I was with him, she sends me this message:

She: You really surprised me! :)
She: In a positive way of course (hug emoticon)
Me: :D

From everything I gathered, her background and live physical appearance; she's not worth of my time so I'm not going forward with it, but it was good for me to go see someone after my relationship and it was interesting experience at least for me :lol: I planted seeds on two other girls and I have another one who is a potential date so I will be around.

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