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 Post subject: To My Future Girlfriend
PostPosted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:48 am 
I accidentally found this. It's a decent read. I'm not fond of the entire article, but some of the article is worth reading. The overall message is worthwhile too.

To my future girlfriend

PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:19 am 
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I agree with some of it. I feel like he is red pill aware and attempting to turn it to his own purposes. It's diluted with things a symp would say. Perhaps, he is molding it into something that truly reflects himself. Or maybe he hasn't examined enough of his belief system.

To be honest, sometimes, I don't know if M Value will be the answer I want it to be. I've discarded most of my expectations how I wish others to be though. Especially women, they cannot be reasoned with, and even if they could I would not. If I fail I fail, but I won't introduce weaknesses in myself that serve no purpose.

Think about what it means to lay all your cards on the table like that. It's not something a low value person would do necessarily but a very high value person would not do it.

A truly powerful Man jealously guards his most precious resources; his independence and his ability to maneuver. True power isn’t controlling others, but the degree to which you control the course of your own life and your own choices. -Rational Male

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:34 am 
Yes, he does lay everything out about them/her or who he wants his girlfriend to be. Bad move for dating, but it's a good move to demonstrate therapy, which is the point of the article.

The big eye sore for me was that he'll never finish how he starts.

You also have a point about not having expectations. You should like to see certain things as a nice surprise, but you can't expect them even out of men. You have to take things for what they are. Reality doesn't conform to the expectations of desires, but reality does manifest those desires.

Example: You want gold metal. You got copper metal. Still valuable in it's own way. If you're too fixated on the expectation of gold as the desire of what you want to see rather letting go of the illusion of control you won't see that copper is a ubiquitous material with just as much value as the gold. You just need a higher quantity to make things happen.

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