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PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2010 12:47 pm 
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This is one of the posts I had on realm but I'm moving some of my posts here:

I thought about this yesterday and this is a very importent thing to watch out for.

A lot of women (esp. social alphas) think they can get away with almost anything. Why is that? and how did it come to that?

Well, Rion already explained it so I'll just repeat it very briefly and then give you some pointers from my experience.

Social Alphas and Pradas are on the pedestal in our daily reality and in this reality where they are on the pedestal when a woman is doing something wrong (and even when she knows it is wrong) she usually has her girl friends or the AFCs guy friends who are telling her that she is right.

A lot of women (social alphas in particular) are also masters of manipulations. They can act very sweet and angelic when they tell you about something that has happened to them or how a guy did this or that to them, and even if she is at fault she will try to make it sound like she is right.

As a result, many women are so irresponsible. I mean why take responsibility when you have people around you telling you that you are right even when you are wrong or at fault.

Now I'm not saying that it's something only women do. Guys are also doing it, in fact- most people when they tell you something they are telling you the story from their point of view and most people are not being objective when they tell you something. However, women can do manipulations that guys can't do: Like start crying, act like a little lost girl, act like the poor helpless girl who got tricked or manipulated, Etc……..

I was never an AFC but in the past and before I knew what I know now I used to sometimes fall into this traps where a woman would tell me something and get emotional about it and I immediately assumed she was right and that the other side was wrong. Here are just a few examples, see if it happened to you too:

"The guy I'm dating told me…..and all I did\say was…..isn't he a jerk"?
"My boss told me…..and all I did was…… ain't I right"?
"My parents told me……and all I said was……ain't I right"?
"My boyfriend told me…..and all I said\did was…….ain't I right"?

Does any of this sound even slightly familiar? I'm sure it does for some of you…..

So the bottom line is this: if you are dealing with social alphas, pradas or ever natural women (cause natural women are not perfect)
Always be objective and never automatically justify her until you know or hear the other side of the story.

If this is a girl you know for a long time and you know she is not a manipulator than maybe you can hear only her side and believe her.
But if this is a girl you don't know well and she happens to be a social alpha or a prada- watch out from that trap!!

I had a social alpha friend (not girl friend) who was a master manipulator. I actually believed her most of the times cause she sounded so convincing in the way she used to tell things.
Later I caught her lying and manipulating a few times and so did the rest of her friends, so at some point we all cut contact with her.

She lost me and all her friends (and of course she tried to use her manipulations to make me talk to her again. But of course it didn't work on me or any of her other friends…..)

Somehow I get the feeling there is one or more AFCs out there that are telling her that she is right and that we are the bad guys for cutting contact with her…....

"a sniper is the worst romancer, he never makes the first move"
Sometimes it's a little better to travel than to arrive” \ Robert M. Pirsig

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