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 Post subject: Roosh V detailed review
PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2012 10:59 am 
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hey guys,

this post is more for new guys browsing this forum who might have heard about Roosh and wonder if his stuff is any good.

well, we had some review about Roosh V along with the Mystery method here: ... =15&t=1873

I think this review that was published on Amazon about his book 'Bang: More Lays In 60 Days'
pretty much sums it up well....

on the thread above we already explained that he is a sex tourist targeting low class girls in poor countries. Western men going to poor countries and having success with certain type of women (low class\poor) isn't anything new and has been around way before Roosh and it has nothing to do with 'Game' or being 'alpha'.

but anyway, here is the detailed review from Amazon:
Is it a coincidence that the ONE rich Western country Roosh goes to on his European tour - Denmark - he utterly fails with the women? He can't get to Eastern Europe fast enough, it's quite funny. He knows what his chances are in any non-poor country :)

I have to say, Roosh would be faaaar more convincing as a teacher of how to seduce Western women if he did not make a specific point of building his life around going to poor countries to get women. I mean, is this not an explicit admission that he just isn't good with Western women?!?! Duh, how much more obvious can you get!

Another warning sign that should send alarm bells ringing is the fact that Roosh avoids high class women in the poor countries he visits. This is is another very clear indication, for anyone bothering to pay attention, that his perceived wealth as an American in a poor country is THE major factor in the women he gets in these places. And yet he claims it is his "game" that is allowing him to get these women?!?!?

A simple examination of the countries Roosh has done well in shows an interesting pattern, that makes clear what is the real X factor in what success roosh has had (it's not "game"):

1) Argentina, full of relatively wealthy white people. Roosh admits to failing dismally.

2) Brazil, a country with glaring differences in wealth. Roosh admits to failing with the middle to upper class women and targeting the lower class, more ethnic women, who have low status in their own country, and doing only somewhat well with them.

3) Peru. Roosh admits to failing with the upper class women, receiving attention from the lower class indigenous and disadvantaged.

4) Bolivia. One of the poorest countries in the world, Roosh says he got lots of attention.

5) Iceland. After failing to pick up in clubs, Roosh develops the brilliant strategy of waiting outside clubs after-hours to be picked up by drunken women looking for a quick lay, claiming this is how the culture works in Iceland and the only way to get laid there. Of course, his "game" is still what gets him laid, right? Right?

5) Denmark. Roosh fails epically, to the point of creating extreme bitterness and resentment in him. And no wonder, these women are 'not beautiful' (according to Roosh :lol: ). To fail utterly with them cannot be pleasant.

6) Poland. Fairly poor country with average-looking women who have a cultural fetish for Meditteranean men. Roosh says this was his most successful country, and admits it is because he is Meditteranean looking (nothing to do with game)

7. Latvia. Roosh fails.

8. Russia. Roosh struggling seriously.

Now WHAT is the pattern here? That game works? That roosh has figured out how to get girls? That roosh even has something to say about getting girls in poor countries in ways unrelated to wealth?

Or is the pattern here that roosh has failed time and time again, in the most abject and miserable way, at getting girls in rich countries, and goes to poor countries where he exploits his perceived status and wealth to get girls, then claims he has special insights how to get Western women and gets girls because of his "game"?

Seriously, HOW dumb does someone have to be to believe this nonsense????

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:35 am 
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It may be a human disease, seeking other knowledge when you have most of everything you need in front of you (this website).

I will sadly say I did download this book of his, fortunately I didn't open it. And, I just tossed it in the recycle bin. :lol:

A great chunk of knowledge is here on this website. I will be reviewing much of it again and again. The only other 3rd party book I'm going to read is Minimal Game by Sleazy. I like the direction and attitude he goes in.

introspection, observation, analyzation, repeat

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