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Is Rion A Seks Tourist
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Author:  Resonance [ Tue May 15, 2012 11:29 am ]
Post subject:  Is Rion A Seks Tourist

Get a load of what this fool is saying:
Is Rion a 'Seks Tourist'? [Q&A]

I thought I'd just take some time to answer some questions so you can get
to know me some more (although what I'm really excited about is where
things are heading and what I'm doing with higher consciousness).

It may also give you some insight into being a true global dater and
possibly help you get past some blocks or issues you may be having
(towards me or in your own dating reality with women).


"Are you a seks tourist?"

No. I'm not even a 'tourist'. I got tired many years ago of just seeing
the sites, walking around more cities and being disconnected from real
relationships and getting to discover a culture.

You could say I'm an international dater and a definition of it in its truer
sense (more than anyone I know even - although Zan would compare). It's something
I can't deny in my single life although I've been quite anonymous and discreet and
will retain that standard in my personal life.

If Rion is a seks tourist, then anyone who actually loves travel, new cultures and
actively attracts and dates international women or men is a seks tourist as well;
it's a ridiculous and ignorant projection.

Partly b/c I'm a Sagittarius with an eye for serious travel and also b/c I've had
friends from 30 countries in college but the world is my backyard and I'm comfortable
in it. I have an undying and genuine fascination with it that once you know me
you'll see is incredibly real.

Some men have blocks about women who don't speak their language, I have no blocks
and even more connection.

Not just 'natural' women, I connect with women from other (all) countries and
different ethnicities including the U.S. more than anyone I know (and you could say
I know the best). Part of that is b/c its always based on core respect, curiosity
and interest.

I've lived abroad in several countries and traveled to many.

Many men have a view or belief of only dating women in their area code while 'devaluing'
women from other countries; thus they don't attract them while still sometimes
remaining curious or envious.

For me that range fan of dating is truly extended b/c I value and respect all women
and love other countries and cultures (it really started with the inspiration of a
Swedish foreign exchange student my Senior year in high school).

I have the liberty of no borders or limitations on attracting and dating high quality
real women from anywhere. Few men truly know what that feels like (to have no limitations
on oneself), let alone to date gorgeous women with an exotic accent (which is always
normal to me).

I have a sincere and core interest and attraction for everything international. I love
to discover new cultures, languages, food and embed myself into a real experience
of the culture. Yes this usually includes wine, women and song. Ethno and socio-centric
people usually don't connect with me very well and often they bore me instantly in
personal conversations.

I speak, read and write German, Spanish and conversational Thai and Portuguese. I can
pronounce/read Russian, and Korean at a moderate pace. Beyond that, chemistry is an
international language with absolutely no borders b/c divine feminine energy is universal.

Being heavily into the spirituality of polarity for years now gives me great connection
to women from anywhere; we all have that same potential access even if it is with women
in your area code.

I value authentic connection and have never once been about manipulation or coercion
with women. B/c you can value real fun, connection and relationships doesn't make you
a seks tourist even if you're just traveling around. Good girls have to have fun too
and that's worldwide.

My younger brother's world is his backyard with 5 kids. Me being single, the world is
my backyard. I simply have more freedom and liberty than most b/c I'm not tied down to
a mortgage and choose to expense a bit differently b/c I feel at home where others feel
'out of place'.

Loving and respecting women doesn't mean you have to stay away from them, you can have
real connection and fun with women who are also up for it anywhere. I date American
women and I also date women from other countries but I'm the same man wherever I go.
The world is actually my oyster!


"Aren't there haters out there? (I almost believed something they said about you)"

Haters gonna hate; that's their job!

Because I live what I teach with attraction, some will invariably skew and warp the
actual reality (and of more successful people who they want to pull down and not believe
their level of reality is possible).

There's even a 'faction' of previous students of mine who broke off and have chosen to
remain in a lower energy field and experience of reality; thus warping everything I'm
actually saying or teaching (and others) through their own energy field.

At a lower level;

Their entire outlook is manipulative, shady and distrustful of women and people and
it's really not them; it's just the energy field that they're attracted to and filtering
through. It taints their entire experience b/c they're seeing what goes through their
meat grinder instead of the source of the fact itself. They even start believing the
projections (often outright lies, misinterpretations and assumptions) that are created
at this level of reality.

A close family member one time was convinced that I was doing drugs in his house b/c of
how the chandelier looked; he KNEW that I was. Did I? No, I've never done drugs. I
was spraying all the bugs that kept gathering and it put a coating on it. We've all
had some things we 'believed' but found out just weren't true later.

Sometimes we can get caught up in believing our own projections and that includes people
'knowing' what it's like without ever experiencing something like being in another
culture. They're convinced a whole country is bar girls and hookers or something.
Some people just continually live like this or off of cliched stereotypes without
finding out the truth.

Look, if you're going to travel anywhere and you value relationships with the opposite
secs that also puts you into the uh-oh category of being a secs tourist in the eyes of
people in very low consciousness who also project great cultural misunderstandings and
ignorance. People at that negative energy level don't understand connection and are
coming from a reality that is below integrity.

I'm just higher profile so they choose to project their own ignorance onto me. Anything
I say here, instead of actually listening they'll still put it through their meat grinder
or find ways to justify why they're (unjustified and ignorant) projections are still

The same level of energy from which the ignorance, envy and hate comes from is the same
which has double-standards of calling women 4 letter words for doing anything with a man
including himself from that perspective on reality. It's a very unhealthy outlook on
life and look what they're attracting! They're not attracting women b/c no women want
to be around that kind of low life.

At a level of integrity and above; to see things for what they are and discover instead of
experience ignorance and contrived lies, the world begins to unfold. When you stop judging
things or filtering them, you start to discover reality itself. You start experiencing
that ie. a Thai or Japanese woman is no 'better' or 'worse' than an educated Western woman.
Dropping your own filters and social programs is one of the most liberating things you
can do and just 'experience' ie. women from different cultures.

Few men I think have really experienced reality with no filters (including ego filters).
Even the men at still have a lower energy field of attracting women who
are more 'natural' with vindictiveness towards American women (and they continue to repel
American women).

I went through a purging phase like that 5 years ago but I've since evolved far beyond that
while others remain stuck and there are now entire worlds of difference apart in reality.

The nature and energy of women is universal and there are millions of American women
who open up to you once you're past your own 'issues' about them. You become the wanted
man. It's only from the higher field where it actually becomes easy to meet them again;
in fact the field is wide open and you'll attract them like crazy. Once I'm back in the
U.S. (probably California) if I'm single I'll be dating (them) again.

(Beyond judgment) a relationship of Connection (vs. distrust and vindictiveness) is then
possible and that a man and a woman could be together in chemistry without any ego, social
or moral judgment and it's a GOOD thing; a win/win relationship can flourish (even if it's
just a fun fling for both of you (with that mutual consent and understanding)..heck, even
if it's a run-on sentence.

Connection can't be comprehended from a lower conscious subjective experience of manipulating
and 'using' women so be careful of what you attract. The energy field of haters can pull
you down into it's experience of reality so relational mastery is necessary to avoid it
entirely. (So other than just about me, there is some value you can take away from this!)

Fortunately your heart, sexiness and soul itself are not tied to that level of reality and
ignorance (in that energy field you'd almost start believing the outright lies about yourself
and that you're a 'bad' person b/c their power is so strongly associated to their filtered

You can choose to live in a reality with women that exists beyond the levels of restrictions;
a level founded on respect and connection with women sexually, emotionally, mentally and
spiritually by increasing your consciousness (which you can also do on the 'global' travel
level of awareness).

You'll filter reality and experience it from your level of consciousness so do you want
a crappy one or an amazing one filled with life and love? Of course!


"You've been to Thailand like 10 times?! Why?"

I LOVE it! It's ridiculously attractive and amazing. Can't get enough of the food.

Although the world is my backyard, it's become like my second home. I have real friends and
relationships here; connected, high status Thai people. It's the source of Natural
Grounding and one of the strongest, developed yet welcoming social cultures in the world.

I'd prefer to see more of the world right now like Europe for the 4th time but being
a very economical place, it allows me to save money will living with many conveniences
(there's 3, 7/11's within 100 meters?!). B/c of my budget it's actually limited to where
I can live for longer lengths of time and I know a lot of in's and outs.

Some will view through a filter of 'second or third world' as 'lesser' than Western and
it's really a limiting belief that prevents you from discovering how dynamic the world
is. Although I'm just as comfortable in the U.S. or any Western country, I respect all
countries and look to their other attractor factors.

We're all connected spiritually, sexually and emotionally so I encourage you to evolve
beyond any prejudices and limitations you have.

And they have the best Thai food in the world! Shopping, food, culture, tropics,
entertainment, fun, islands, mountains, muay thai, elephants, etc.

What some don't know is that I also have a 4 year open relationship with a professional
woman here I've kept on the down low. Yes, I still date other women and we have an

Yes, it's a very dynamic culture. You do have a lot of seks tourism and the shadier class
of things that happen here which I stay away from. Unfortunately that's all some people
choose to see or believe that any single man who goes there (let alone 'goes back' to
the country) 'MUST' be taking part in.

It's their own ignorance. They just can't know what they don't know. It's silly to see how
'convinced' some of them are wholeheartedly (in their own ignorance) which I've only
referenced years ago ie. on NaturalGame b/c I stay away from really low consciousness
now (when I was trying to connect with more people on the subject).

What many don't know is the real Thailand that also is one of the most conscious and
friendliest countries in the world and there is a more elite class of women that these
men would be entirely closed off to ANY chance with them.

There is immense ignorance out there towards this country at lower levels of consciousness
from people who've never gone outside of their area code. I know that you're more evolved
than that but some people still on my list may be 'lurking' and 'basking' in lower forms
of awareness. I encourage you to discover Thailand and its treasures and people for yourself!

Many don't realize that most people here are normal and have normal relationships and watch
'good guy and good girl' t.v. shows and there are less gold-diggers here than in L.A. and
that in general they AREN'T looking for green cards.

I could talk for hours on this and esp. how amazing Thailand is but most women are very high
quality relationship catches when you get past any taintings of prejudice and socio-cultural

Also; it's a very spiritual country, a hardcore original culture vs. one that just copies
others. (I could sell the benefits of any country I've lived in).

Remember that I have an internet based business so I can live wherever I want so again
I'm not tied down to staying in one place; thus the world of women is actively open.

That's it for now..hopefully that may clear up some issues or blocks you've had about
me or just given you more insight (is given a word?)

I'm here to help you get to the level of reality you want with yourself and women!
Btw send me your questions if you have them and I may respond to it for the entire mailing


p.s. yes I'm back living in Thailand after 1 month in WI waiting on a new passport.
My old passport had 34 pages of stamps in it. I'll be hosting a sold-out event the
last weekend of September here as well; a special one b/c it's the core of where
Natural Grounding originated

Author:  Merrick [ Tue May 15, 2012 11:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist


Author:  Resonance [ Tue May 15, 2012 11:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist

Merrick wrote:
Whats that mean?

Author:  AlexJ [ Tue May 15, 2012 1:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist

TL; DR = Too Long; Didn't Read

Author:  Alchemist [ Wed May 16, 2012 12:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist

Rion who?. 8-)

Author:  Altair [ Wed May 16, 2012 1:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist

Alchemist wrote:
Rion who?. 8-)
Some random...I think he works for the Thailand tourist board or something :lol:

Author:  Sniper [ Wed May 16, 2012 2:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist

I used to be angry and it took me some time to let it go but I'm happy to say that Now: when I hear the name 'R':

[ img ]


Edit: I feel sorry for him that he still believes that those Asian hippie women are going to save mankind :lol:

and good thing The Kidd pulled us out of that shit ;)

just look at how much we have evolved and let him keep dreaming with his:

[ img ]

Author:  Alchemist [ Wed May 16, 2012 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist

I'd say there's still 25% but great progress dude. :mrgreen:

Author:  Altair [ Wed May 16, 2012 9:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist

Sniper wrote:

[ img ]
Awesome :mrgreen: ...if they made this in a tshirt i would buy it.

Author:  Alchemist [ Wed May 16, 2012 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist

Give the pua guru hate crusades a rest guys, the best form of revenge is indifference. :twisted:

Author:  peregrinus [ Wed May 16, 2012 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist

Sniper wrote:
just look at how much we have evolved and let him keep dreaming with his:

[ img ]
Looks enjoyable, the sensation of long hair on skin can be very pleasant.

Author:  Jared [ Mon May 21, 2012 12:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist

peregrinus wrote:
Looks enjoyable, the sensation of long hair on skin can be very pleasant.
Hehe why resist what is

Author:  goodnice [ Fri Dec 28, 2018 7:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist

Hey guys i’m new. Is rion legit? I was about to buy his program. It costs 5000 dollars. Is it worth it please help

Author:  Dali [ Fri Dec 28, 2018 9:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Rion A Seks Tourist

You have $5,000 dollars worth spending for this Rion coach?? dude you are just 15 years old? Where did you got that money in the first place? haha to me it's just unbelivable and hard to compute you even consider that. :lol:

I could buy a large ammounts of games with that money, not give them to a sekx tourist so he can travel more and fuck more trannies! That's just ridiculous :lol:

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