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 Post subject: Hello
PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:43 am 
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Hey guys, just making my first post here

First off, a bit about me, I am 18 years old, and attend a university in New Zealand.

I have been lurking this site for about 5 days, and have spent most of my spare time over these days reading the threads here. I am currently reading through all the threads that The Kidd!! has posted in, and am around a quarter the way through (that is close to 1000 posts by The Kidd!!, and countless more by other users in the threads). I have read the pimposophies twice, and have read most of the threads in the Kidd'z corner. This is some of the most reading in a short time that I have done in quite a while.
And I must say, wow! The talk here is amazing quality, thanks to The Kidd!! and Peregrinus.

Before I found this site I had been watching PlayerSupreme's youtube videos, as his advice was the best I had found since I quit reading PUA bullshit (was only into it for 2-3 months and that was a year and a half ago... I think any damage done has been reversed by now... and I now have a good nose for bullshit and quick-fixes). I now realise most PlayerSupremes stuff was The Kidd!!'s ideas mixed with some common sense, biases and a hint of bullshit. The Kidd!!'s advice seems leagues better than anybody else I have seen on the internet or in real life. Also PlayerSupreme's dating success seems to be a combination of high marquee value (he was in the game from ~30-45), and his great front and clout. It probably didn't really matter what he did, which makes his advice somewhat less useful people my age.

My current thoughts on indifference and space, two of the key concepts that seem to float around this forum:
-I have a fair understanding of the idea of indifference, and I fully well recognise the power of it, as I have experienced it a few times. Often when I am in a high pressure situation where it is imperitive for me to perform optimally, a switch kind of flicks in my mind and I accept that what happens is what happens and the outcome no longer matters. Then I proceed to do what I have to do and very often I do things I am otherwise incapable of. This does not happen often (usually only in high pressure, like an exam or an important sports match), and I currently lack the discipline(or whatever else is needed) to be indifferent at other times other than in pressure. I realise that on this site the term indifference is used in a dating context, and is sought after for the vibe it creates, though it appears to be the same concept.
-Space is another idea which I see is used a lot in this forum. It is somewhat new to me. I think I get the concept and it seems to be a very useful concept indeed. Lack of space seems to be quite the killer of relationships and other social connections. I am looking forward to learning and using this concept.

I have only been reading these forums for ~5 days and most of the stuff is still settling in and is in no way solid yet. I believe I have made some good progress internally as well over these last few days. But time will be the test of this, and will also be the test of whether this is the path I am to take.

Thanks again, to The Kidd!! and Peregrinus.

You cannot win a fight against yourself.

 Post subject: Re: Hello
PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 3:43 pm 
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Welcome, make sure you check out the treasure chest and the old posts in Kidd!!'s corner

"The heart is deep beyond all things, and it is the man. Even so, who can know him."

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